Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Harness and Fence

Looks like a puzzle to me!

DH talked to one of the Amish we know around here who makes harnesses and found that they could make him one that was a little closer to our price range.

So...he ordered it last week, and went and picked it up Monday. We are still waiting on the pads that go under it, a couple places...but we of course wanted red (you know...cause of those Huskers DH loves so much, not to mention those Farmall tractors! LOL) and the Amish right around here don't use red...which means they don't have them in stock.

He brought it in to show me when he got home, and WOW...there is a LOT to it!  LOL  I know, I should have known there would be...but it just looks like a big jumbled puzzle to me...HOW the heck could you get that on a horse, and how long will it take to get on when we want to take a buggy ride?!  Yikes....better not be in a hurry to leave is all I can say!  LOL

We are just a little bit closer to being able to take our first ride...well....DH is that much closer, I may make him take the first one by himself.  *giggle*  Not sure I want to till he knows for sure what he is doing and has tested out the buggy and everything.  (Yep...I'm a big chicken, what can I say!)  I'm more than happy to take photo's though, of his first ride!  LOL

He just has to get the brakes done on the buggy I guess, and it would be drive-able...he can finish the rest as he has time...but once we get the brakes and the pads for the harness come, I'm sure he won't be able to wait to finish the rest of the buggy (which will basically be the canopy I think...and maybe paint).  Course, he did admit he may have to go get a neighbor to help him get the horse hooked up the first time...but if the neighbor doesn't mind being in some photos, (We haven't asked yet if the Amish round here mind having their photos taken...I've just refrained from doing it so far) I'll share some of them hooking Pearl up and taking the first buggy ride!

Oh...we are waiting on one more thing, Pearl kicked the barn door a couple weeks ago and got a piece of metal embedded in her hoof...and DH has been doctoring it but till it's healed she can't be it will be a couple weeks before that can happen it looks like, which hopefully will give DH time to get the buggy finished up enough to try it out.  :-))

For now though, we have plenty to do while we are waiting for things to come together!  Darn Cows are not respecting part of our electric fence, so that's got to be changed out as soon as possible...which puts off the porch a bit, as we have to use some of that money for fence...we will get as much of the porch materials as possible, but till we can get most all of it, we won't start that project I guess.  Not that we don't have plenty of other things to do...I just really would like THAT one done.  LOL

Ah well...that's part of life I guess...we have to be able to change the order of things if God lets us know we should...and I'd say the cows getting out to often is God's way of saying change that fence!  Not the part of the fence I was planing on changing first...but ya gotta do, what ya gotta do!


  1. Hang in there, Girlie. You're not alone. We keep having to shift funds for unexpected surprises, ourselves. I'm getting as excited about seeing her rigged up and ready to go! But the health of that hoof jumps in front of the line without a second thought! Hope that situation cleans up well for y'all!

  2. I would be sooo excited to go on a buggy ride! I can't wait to see pictures of Pearl hooked up to it! :D


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