Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"New" Buggy Seat

Trying out the "new" buggy seat.

DH hasn't had lots of time to work on his buggy lately, but he has done a few things to it. He went to an auction a couple weeks ago and ended up with a car seat that was in with some stuff he was buying. He brought it home and it turned out to be the perfect fit for the buggy...so he attached it so we could have a more comfy seat on the buggy, when we go for a drive.

Since we had game night this weekend, my parents came over early so they could take a look at some things we'd been doing around here. Mom hadn't seen the buggy in person, so she wanted to go out and look at it as well as some other things. My Dad and DH climbed onto the buggy to test out the seat, so I had to snap a photo of them. It does look like it will be more comfortable...if I can just climb up into it. LOL I'll have to practice one of these days, when I'm feeling like it...and when there isn't anyone around to see me fall on my face a few times. *giggle*  Even if I do have long legs, that step sure looks like it's a bit high...we will see if I ever get used to getting in and out of a buggy.  LOL

Now DH just has to find the time to finish the buggy...as well as come up with the last of what he needs parts wise so we can go for a ride.  He was going to finish painting it this weekend but didn't have time to.  The wheels will be red, with the body being black.  We will have a canopy of some sort too...just haven't gotten that far.  :-))

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  1. With my short legs, I would need a step ladder to get in and out of it! *lol*



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