Thursday, July 11, 2013


The first batch of brie I made was soft and DH has been impatiently waiting for me to tell him they were I brought one up the other day and cut it open to see how it looked.

It wasn't totally "done" as you can see, cause the center was still hard...but the cheese around it was soft and drippy...DH said it was really good, even if it wasn't "done" and enjoyed eating it.

Brie isn't my favorite cheese...although some is ok, but I made it for DH cause I knew it was one of his favorites. He liked it so well he actually thanked me for making it for him! LOL Something he doesn't HAVE to do...but it's always nice to know he likes something enough to thank me for making it especially for him. Now I just need to learn how to figure out when it's ACTUALLY it's ALL nice and soft and yummy!

Still waiting to check out our has a few more weeks to age. I need to get back to making cheese, now that I'm feeling better but we will see how soon I do that...I'm also wanting to get more butter and ghee made, so hate to do to much cheese before I get that stocked up!  The milk supply has cut down, and I'm afraid they will decide to dry themselves up before I'm ready for them to, since they should both be pregnant now.  So...I've been trying to make as much butter as possible, instead of cheese this week...especially with my new (to me) electric churn making it so easy!  :-))

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  1. I've never even had brie! *lol* ... Better luck next time!


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