Saturday, July 06, 2013

Dad's hay is in!

Yesterday we got the rest of Dad's hay baled and into his barn! DH used our baler, cause Dad's old small round one is on it's last legs...and square bales are easier to stack in my opinion.  Dad may do a little more later in the summer, once another pasture grows up...but it doesn't amount to a whole lot, and I'm not sure how much he can get into his barn at this not sure what he will decide to do. LOL

It is good that it's we just have to get ours done, AND hope the guy we will be buying some hay from (since we won't get enough off our field for all winter) gets it cut and baled without we can get it over here and stored for winter.  It will be good to have our hay supply here ready and waiting, then I can breath a little easier.

I got tired way to quickly when I helped...I'm hoping it was because I wasn't as "recovered" from being sick as I thought I was (although am not totally convinced that's the reason)...otherwise I'll have trouble doing ours, when the time comes.  I think I'm getting old...although it's really sad, my Dad just had surgery earlier this year and is almost 70 years old, and he can work circles around me.  *sigh*  Even though it wasn't as hot as it's been in the past when we picked up hay, the heat really got to me.  Thankfully my brother made it home from work to help, so it wasn't so bad I wasn't as much help as I should have been.

Praise God Dad's is for ours!  :-))

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  1. I'm sure you are just recovering from being sick. You're not THAT old. :)

    Glad the hay is in!


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