Monday, July 01, 2013

I'd rather have been haying!

Uggg...I've been sick for the last several days (almost a week *sigh*). I've really be trying to get back to eating better, (although our diet is never perfect LOL) I did think we were doing better than right after we moved, but guess my immune system will take a while to repair itself...I almost never get sick in the this was a surprise.

DH did say that some of the Amish men he's talked to said their wives and some of their daughters have been sick...which I thought was odd that it's all women, not least I'm not the only one!

Needless to say, I didn't get to help with my Dad's first round of hay this I admit I really am not fond of doing hay, but trust me, I'd rather do hay, than have the tummy flu!

The strange thing is, it's been NICE here...temps in the 70's, so that would have made haying that much easier, since it's usually HOT when we do it! *sigh* Naturally I had to miss the cool temp hay next round (if I can help) it will most likely be HOT!

Needless to say I've not got much done this past week...least now you know why I didn't blog. I'm feeling better, but not totally over it yet. Can't wait till it's gone and I'm back to feeling like I can do more.  Least it does appear I'm on the mend if all goes well!

Now we just have to have the rain hold off long enough to do another of Dad's fields of hay...and our own hay.  *sigh*  Here's hoping I'm back up to "snuff" by then so I can help!  Love looking at a nice field of hay, even if it IS a LOT of work!  :-))


  1. Man, alive. That stuff must be really potent out there. Jen's been fine since Sunday. They did go through the Preschool with a bleach and water solution. And then Jen hit the house really good with the same sort of solution. Josh hasn't had issues. So, I'm like you, finding it really weird that the guys aren't catching the bug. Hope you get to feeling better, fast, Hon.

  2. Hope you're feeling better now.

    Jared and Joe went to their uncles farm, for a week, and helped with their hay too. They had such a good time. They love working on the farm. :)


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