Monday, July 22, 2013

Making Sauerkraut

We got a homegrown head of cabbage from one of our Amish neighbor's the other day, so I thought I'd turn it into lacto-fermented sauerkraut (that I learned to make in the lacto-fermentation class on for hubby...cause he loves sauerkraut. I've only made it one other time, cause getting a hold of homegrown or organic cabbage has not been easy (or cheap) in the past. I think I read somewhere that the fermenting process may make any chemical's that are on your produce to be even worse for you or something strange like that, so I have avoided making anything with store bought cabbage...unless I spend the big bucks for organic...and I don't do THAT very often.

Last year my Mom gave me this neat little gadget she had had for years, that cuts up the cabbage in nice thin strips. I finally used it today, and it worked wonderfully well!! I did have some I had to cut up with the knife, and they didn't get near as thin as the rest was.

Since I didn't have a Kraut Pounder (I have an "order" in to my Dad to make me one, but I didn't get it to him in time to have one for this years kraut...hopefully I find it in one of my gifts from my parents over the next year, so next year I can use it! *wink, wink*) I improvised using one of my meat tenderizer's to do the pounding, but I don't think it got pounded as well as it should it just didn't work as well.  I also kinda put a few dents in my stainless steel bowl, with the tenderizer.  *OOPS!*  LOL

It was nice to be able to make it again cause it's fun, even if I don't like it myself...least unless I'm making TON'S of the stuff at a time it's fun.  It has to sit for several days before it's ready now, but it shouldn't be to long before hubby has some nice fresh sauerkraut to enjoy!  One of these days I'll add some other veggie's to the mix...but since I've not made it much, I want to be sure it's working like this first.  :-))

It was a surprise when hubby brought the cabbage home...but a NICE one especially since I've been wishing I could try making sauerkraut again!  He also brought home another zucchini, so I think I'm going to have to make some zucchini bread!  Been awhile since I've had that, and it is so good.  :-))

Mom says they are finally starting to get some tomato's, so maybe before to long we will be canning them up, once they get enough of them to mess with anyway.  Gotta LOVE canning and storing food for the winter, it really does give me a wonderful feeling to know we have some good food ready for the cold months.  All that yucky work I hated as a child is now satisfyingly fun (as long as we don't try to do TO much in one day it's fun)...go figure!  LOL

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  1. You do have a lot of interesting gadgets that I have never seen or heard of before. *lol*


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