Thursday, July 18, 2013

Helpful Neighbor's

While I would find it hard to be Amish...after all I'm rather fond of my air conditioning not to mention some of the new fangled things we have that they don't, I do LOVE the idea of family and community they have with each other.

Families are close, and help each other out as much as possible. As a whole, the whole community will help each other out if needed, either with a move or a barn or house raising, or anything else there is a need for.

They visit each other, and are "neighbor's" in the way I always think a neighbor should know, that old fashioned actual helping each other out and visiting each other aspect. Something that seems to be missing in most people's lives these days from what I've seen.

I don't have the gift for gab, my darling hubby does, but if they don't mind me being quiet in the corner, I sure enjoy being around them. I'm always just worried they will think I'm one of those nasty "English" that doesn't really like them, just cause I really have a hard time keeping a conversation going (It's a problem I have with ANYONE, NOT just the Amish!), I just do my best work listening. LOL *sigh* I'll just pray that God will let them know I do actually enjoy myself with them, and try not to worry to much about it.

Anyway, today hubby and I helped one of our neighbor's move up the hill and around the corner, from their 5 acre farm they are selling, to their 40 acre farm they's actually the first time I've been back there to actually SEE their new place, cause it's off on a minimum maintenance road, with some beautiful trees lining it so you can't see back there.

It's really beautiful!! Wish WE could have a place like that...only with a bigger house! LOL (not complaining about our place really...just love the lay of the land back there better, what can I say.)  This pond was sure pretty, and if you could see through the trees, you might be able to see our place from there...not sure exactly.  Our farm is off behind the pond a ways.  The sawmill that is right next door to this farm, is visible from our I'm sure this place would be to, except for the trees.

The first photo shows just a few of the buggies and wagon's that were there to help...along with the horses.  DH helped with my brothers trailer, to haul the bigger and heaver things.  It was an interesting time, and even though I didn't really help enough to really be there to my way of thinking,...just unpacked 3-4 boxes...they wanted me to at least come for lunch so what could I say, I wanted to help if I could.  It was really interesting to see how they all interacted.  I loved seeing the fathers take time to stop and play with a child here or there, and how good the men were at not tripping over all the children who seemed to be in the way a lot as they unloaded the wagon's.  LOL

I felt kind of sorry for the little girl of the couple who where moving, cause I don't think she really understood what was going on, and cried a lot...she is only two, so not really old enough to understand. I think a move could be hard on young children, just like it is our furry babies but I'm sure she will adjust quickly and grow to love her new home.

All in all it was an interesting morning...and a yummy lunch of beef and noodles, not to mention pie, but now I've got to get busy at MY house, and see if I can get a few things done here, that I put off this morning, since I was going over there.  

Guess this was just another day here in Amish Country!  Beautiful Scenery, Interesting times & Helpful Friends, family and neighbors.  Gotta love it!  :-))

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  1. It is a beautiful place! Love the little lake/pond! :)


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