Wednesday, July 17, 2013

An Unexpected Gift

The other day, I took my Mom shopping to one of the bigger towns around us, and had to pick up my SIL there too, as she was returning the rental car she got for a few days after her accident. I drove them home, and dropped my SIL off at her house, before going on up to my Moms.   Mom pointed out the Moss Roses my SIL had planted in a window planter and I said "Oh I LOVE moss roses!" and admired them, before moving on.

I haven't bought flowers for planters for a few years now, cause of several being probably the biggest reason...although knowing how hard it is for me to remember to water plants will slow down buying some too. LOL I really thought about getting some this spring, but ended up not doing so...I figure I could put a few hanging pots out on my front porch...but would I remember to water them?!!

Yesterday DH had to run over to my parents place, and when he came back, he brought this pot with him, that had Moss Roses in it. My SIL sent it with him, cause she remembered I said I liked them and she said she was having trouble keeping this one watered, so thought I might enjoy it.

How Sweet! Yes, I do love my flowers...and I will do my best to keep it alive and watered! Thanks!! It was totally unexpected, but a nice little surprise in my day. :-))

It also made me remember a funny from years ago. Hubby and I were in the garden center in walmart one spring day, trying to decide what to get. His sister was also there, and she went off looking for some moss roses, cause she loved them also. I was looking around, and hubby was a ways away, when he saw his sister wasn't around, so asked where she was.

I said, rather loudly...since he was across the way..."She's looking for Ross Moses!...Hmmm, Ummm I mean Moss Roses!" *snicker* Everyone around me chuckled (including myself of course) and hubby got a kick out of me making a fool of myself once again, in front of everyone.

It's just a little funny that I remember, when I think of Moss Roses, but it makes me smile at the memory and even at times laugh.  Just another reason to love my Moss Roses...the laugh that I get to have at the memory.  :-))

See how an unexpected gift can give a person even more joy than expected?!!  Thanks for the pretty gift of flowers, and the gift of another chuckle at the memory Clara!  :-))


  1. i'm gonna end up thinking about you and laughing every time I see those flowers growing, from now on! LOL

    surgery went well, I am behaving per doctor's orders. hubs has already experienced grocery shopping in summer. i'm still snickering. he is still shaking his head.

    1. LOL glad I can give you a laugh! The worst part about it is, I have to think REALLY HARD, every time I'm going to say it now, cause I'm more prone to say it wrong after having done it once. LOL

      So glad your surgery went well! Hope recovery goes fast for you!! Hope your hubby survives all he has to do that YOU usually do...guess he will get a taste of what it's like to be you huh?!! :-))

  2. They are very pretty! I don't think I have ever seen one before... And the "funny" made me smile. :)


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