Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Good Food

This has been a Berry Good year so far when it comes to berries! *giggle*

 We were able to get lots and lots of strawberries, and then came the black raspberries. Sadly, we didn't find out where we could get those yummy black raspberries till the season was almost over, so we only got a gallon and 3/4 but boy did we ever enjoy them!

Actually, we didn't eat them all...I made a pie, and put enough for 4 pies in the freezer, but we couldn't resist snacking on a few of them, till I got them put away.  Boy do I LOVE black raspberries!  Hopefully next year we can get a few more of them, so I have several pies worth in the freezer, AND can make some Jelly...I really wanted to make jelly this year, but didn't have enough.  *sigh*

The raspberries were only $10 a gallon, which seems like that's not that much to me, especially since we didn't have to pick them but I was thankful for the price, since we've been kinda low on money this year.  God has been good to us with food so far this season!

***TIP - If YOU live close to an Amish community, I would recommend befriending them...they know where to get the best deals in their community, and trust me, they are good friends to have!

I am Soooo loving, living close to the Amish, their prices are so much better than the store prices, and their produce is better too!  They have some GOOD Local food, that doesn't have those nasty chemical's added to them!  Gotta LOVE that!  :-))

Speaking of good food, boy howdy was supper good tonight!  (if I do say so myself *giggle*)

I made a pot roast...I was going to this weekend, but we ended up being gone on Saturday taking my brother and his wife car shopping since someone decided to not stop at a stop sign and hit her a while back...thankfully she doesn't seem to be badly hurt, although was having headaches after the fact.  Then Sunday we had game night (since we were gone on Saturday) and we had something else for supper that night.

Today was the first chance I had to make the roast I had gotten out of the freezer, and wow, it really turned out extra yummy this time.  LOL  Not sure if I was just wanting roast, or what, but it was nice and tender, we could cut it with a fork which isn't always as easy with grass fed beef (It was from our own beef we raised), and the flavor was wonderful!  *sigh*  Sometimes I can manage to cook right...course naturally it was one of those times when no one was here but hubby and I.  LOL  When we have company, that's when it's bound to not be so good.  It's just a law around here I think!  *giggle*

Oh well, even if only hubby and I enjoyed it, it's still nice that it turned out so yummy!  It was a good sized one too, so I have plenty for a small stew...and some "beef tips" over rice for the next couple of nights!  Gotta love it when you basically cook one day, and have enough for three dinners!  :-))

The blackberries are almost ripe here to I think...not sure how many we will get this year, cause the cows have "trimmed" the bushes, but I saw there were some coming on, so hopefully I can get enough for a blackberry cobbler at least!  Loving all the berries over here in Missouri!

Can't wait to see what else we can enjoy from our wonderful Amish neighbor's gardens as summer progresses. (Yes, we do still have things growing in ours...but it's slow growing, so who knows WHEN or IF it will ever give us anything.)  We were given a few cucumbers and zucchini by one of our neighbors so far...we are hoping to find one who will be selling melon's soon too, cause it's getting close to that time of the year now, and we love those too!

I do miss the nice "tomato" guy we had out in Nebraska...we got a ton of the things for free from him, and I was able to dry a bunch, not to mention make lots of salsa and sauces out of them...so far we haven't found anyone to give us those...but am hoping Mom and Dad's garden produces enough to make some for all of us...and maybe ours too, if it ever takes off.  LOL

I wouldn't trade what we've found here for what we had in Nebraska though, even for all the free tomato's we could want!  LOL  Hubby is happier, with all his Amish buddies, (although I know he misses his best friend in Nebraska but he's still happier for several reasons I won't go into) and I'm happier because I feel "safer", or maybe I should say I feel our animals may be safer...since several were shot in Nebraska over the 8 years we lived there, and we are here with helpful family for a change!

(In fact, Dad had to come rescue me the other day cause the ceiling fan fell out of the ceiling and was just hanging there by the wire, I couldn't hold it up AND disconnect it at the same time, and DH wasn't home...so Dad came over and helped get it down, then DH hooked it back up when he got home, after fixing (as best as he could) the cheap piece of crap that held it to the ceiling...not sure what I would have done had that happened in Nebraska, when DH was gone.)

So, once again, I'm Praising God for all the Good Food, Good Neighbor's, Good Friends  (New and Old) & Good Family he has given to us!  We really are blessed!  :-))


  1. We don't have any Amish people living in this area. Would be nice though!

    I want to get some more berries. Those kids are going through the homemade jam like nobody's business. I want to make some more. *lol*


  2. i have always appreciated the depth of heart and soul that the amish pour out with every ounce of energy they invest in everything they make, raise and create. they carry the most incredible amount of respect for the gifts God has blessed them with through their hands. i'm glad He led y'all to a new home surrounded by a world of happiness that is just so perfect for the two of you! i get such a thrill being able to HEAR the difference moving there has made for your heart, Deb!


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