Monday, July 15, 2013

Another Funny

I found this photo on my camera after I was sick a couple weeks's from before I got sick, and I totally forgot I'd taken it. One of our little fruit trees is a red delicious's probably the only one I remember the variety of...the last owner told me what most were, but I've forgotten. (yes I should have written them down...but it was a casual thing and I had no paper LOL)  We were standing close to this one when he told me, and I was happy to have a red delicious apple, cause they make great I remembered what this one was. LOL It only has three apples on it I think, but I'm hoping they make it so we can at least see how they taste! Hopefully in a few years we will have enough to actually use them for applesauce! :-))

Ok, on to the funny! LOL

While I fighting the tummy flu the other week, DH was off doing what has become his "usual" thing, helping the Amish out. He took one to the city one day, and before they got on the road to far, they stopped for a egg and cheese biscuit in town.

I went to school with the manager of our local Hardies, although I didn't know her well then (or now...we don't move in the same "circles". LOL). Course truthfully, before we moved, I had gotten so good at "forgetting" my school years, that my Mom was actually the one who told me I went to school with her cause I had totally put it out of my that we are back here some of my time at school has come back to me, so I can actually remember more than just two or three people from my school days. (What can I say...I hated school, mostly cause there were to many jerks that went to our school.)

Anyway, I'd mentioned I went to school with her to my hubby several times, so he got it in his head to say something to her when he went in to order...since she happened to be taking his order that day and he loves to talk to people.

Hubby said "Did you graduate in '88?"

Manager said "Yes...I graduated with your Daughter."

HAAAAAA-HAAAA-HAAA-HA.....I guffawed in his ear when he told me that on the phone after it happened...probably almost breaking his eardrum.  *giggle*

I've got a good laugh out of that one several times...his daughter!  *snicker*  As funny as that is, I didn't REALLY think hubby looks old enough to be my father, not sure where she gets THAT idea!  LOL  He  is ONLY 8 years older than I am, which yeah may seem like a lot when you are in highschool...but not so much now.

A lot of people think my brother and my hubby are brothers when they see them together around here...but this is a new one.

Hee Hee Hee...I'm STILL laughing at that one, it's just Hilarious (to me anyway)!!

Needless to say that's one I'll be remembering for years I think, gotta love a good laugh...besides, I can always take it out, dust it off and tease DH with it, if he gets to saying I'm getting "old"!  ;-))

His daughter....*snicker....snort*  :-))

***Please note...I'm NOT laughing AT her, I'm just sharing a funny story, that made me laugh.  I don't hold it against her, I actually love the story, and am glad it happened, cause I do LOVE a good laugh!  

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  1. I would have loved to have seen the look on her face... ;)


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