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Autumn 11-8-2002

We got Autumn for our 10th anniversary 12 years ago. We went into a pet store just to get a "puppy fix" cause I really wanted to see some cute little puppies, and I took one look at her and couldn't let her go. (I learned my lesson to NOT go get a "puppy fix" after that...especially at a pet store cause they are way to expensive there! LOL)  Sadly I don't have to many of her puppy photo's on my computer, cause I was using a "film" camera at the time we got her...the one below did manage to make it onto my computer years ago...and we'd had her over a month by then I think.  (Yes I could have scanned some in...but am low on time and gumption so these will have to do.)

We named her Autumn, because she loved to roll in the autumn leaves as a puppy, it was her all time favorite thing to do when she was outside. She would dive in and roll over on her back as she dove...going all the way under, if they were deep enough. It was so funny to watch.

Autumn 11-22-2001

We had lost our Mischief earlier that year, but with traveling (this is when we had our business of working on windows and doors and we traveled all over the Midwest doing it) we didn't know if we really wanted to get a puppy right then, especially since we would have to potty train it on the road.  We sure are glad we got her though...and the training wasn't to hard to do, even traveling.

Autumn was a skinny little thing, they weren't feeding her enough in that store we got her from, and frankly I wouldn't have stepped foot back in there after seeing how they starved their dogs (they have since closed), but I just couldn't leave her behind to keep starving so we scrapped together the large fee (DH's sister paid for part of her, although when Autumn had her one litter of puppies I paid her back) and we left the store with a new fur baby.

The day after we got Autumn we spent the day at the KC Renaissance festival and I carried her around all day, sometimes she would be sleeping under my jacket, sometimes soaking up the attention she brought from the people who were there.  She got spoiled real quick, with that first day of holding her...but was good with it, she liked being held, but wasn't a spoiled brat if she wasn't.  LOL

Autumn & Crystal 11-23-2001

We thought Crystal (the doxie we had at the time) might be a little upset, after all she had been getting ALL the attention for a while now, but we hopped she would get over it. She was upset for a couple of weeks, a little more so than we thought she would be, but did eventually get over it and they would play together.

Autumn 5-2-2002

The first 3-4 years of Autumn's life, was spent traveling with us from job to job all across the Midwest. She didn't know what it was like to stay home, she would see new places and meet new people almost everyday. She loved people from day one, and was always happy to greet them, especially if they were children.

 In the summer when it was hot, I'd do a lot of checking on the dogs at the job site, if they had to stay in the truck...they never suffered from the heat because they were left in to hot of a car...they were our babies after all, so we made sure they were safe.

Autumn 12-1-2001

Autumn was the easiest dog we've ever had to potty train. We'd stop along the road, when we could see she needed to go...and DH would take her out of the hotel room at night, if we heard her get up. Once she learned the dog door we had when we WERE at home, she never had an accident again. She was so proud of herself, when she learned to go out the dog door...and we were really happy that she knew how to go out on her own. She was always such a GOOD girl when it came to going outside...makes me wish ALL of them were like her in THAT respect! Some can be so stubborn. LOL

Autumn 2-5-2002

She did have her moments though...when she was naughty!  We would do our "monthly shopping" while we were out on a trip for a job when we were home, we could get something done THERE.  We happened to buy some toilet paper on one of those shopping trips, when we were on our way home...and after putting it in the truck (it was down under their bed and buried we thought with a few things...just not well enough!) went into another store.  When we came out, we saw what looked like a huge mound of shredded toilet paper with Autumn sitting beside it looking perfectly innocent!  *giggle*  We couldn't even get after her, we just burst out laughing...then I had to get a photo before the evidence was totally cleaned up.

Autumn exploring in the hayfield.
Autumn exploring in the hay field 11-8-2006

Autumn adjusted well to life spent at home when we stopped traveling with our business. She learned to love the farm and the walks I would take them on through the hay field. She spent a lot of time sunning herself on the patio when it wasn't to cold, and hunting for toads in the spring was her FAVORITE past time. She loved to dig in the yard "looking" for them too...silly dog!

Autumn after digging 11-6-2010

She was pretty good at keeping us laughing too...especially when she was younger, but even as she got older she had her moments.  Since we moved here to Missouri, she didn't get to spend quite as much time outside since we haven't gotten a fence up yet, but when she WANTED to go out, she would let me know!

She was fierce as a grizzly bear, especially if something got into "her" space...or even at times to close to "her" human's. It didn't matter how BIG that "something" was, she would take it on and usually won! LOL I knew she was going down hill this summer...but when the chicken got the better of her, I knew for sure things weren't good.

Autumn 11-8-2010

Autumn. was our "pretty" girl, my "dance" partner as I "danced" around the kitchen with the music (she would come to me when she heard it and want to "dance" with me...we had our last dance a couple of days before she died), Our GOOD girl, our never late for supper girl (she LOVED to eat...probably cause she was starving when we got her)...and our fruity girl...she just LOVED ALL kinds of fruit!  She was the first dog we got after we got married who was more MINE than DH's...instead of DH always stealing their affections, although she wasn't as much "MINE" as Peaches seems to be.

Autumn was in so much pain (or something) that she was crying, so Sunday morning we took her to the vet for the last time, and when he couldn't do anything to help her she was put to sleep.  She was brought back home and buried along the orchard fence...and hopefully one of these days we can find a rose or something to plant over her to mark the spot.

This post doesn't do justice to how special a dachshund Autumn was...she was far more than the few words and photos I share here, but I'm not near good enough at expressing myself to do justice to this special fur baby.  She will be sorely missed.  We loved her dearly and she will always be in my heart.

We thank God for allowing her to be in our lives, and thank Autumn for all the years of unconditional love she gave us.  She was a Beautiful Blessing!

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