Friday, August 16, 2013

Busy, Busy Week

It's been a busy week here, which I have been thankful for! It's kept my mind from dwelling to much on Autumn, and got me to move on quicker than usual (even if you don't think so with as many posts I did pertaining to that sweet fur baby of ours...they were easy to get out in the middle of such a busy week, so that's what I did, sorry if I harped on it TO much!)

Anyway, I've been caning this week, Monday was my Grandma's lime pickles, Tuesday I helped my Mom get her potatoes canned up (she got 5 canner fulls out of a bushel of potatoes!), Wednesday I caught up on a few things so I was ready to help my Mom can some tomato soup yesterday. Today...I'm making more sauerkraut for hubby since we were given a couple more heads of cabbage by one of our wonderful neighbors! I also threw together a jar of fermented pickles in there somewhere this week...from some small cucumbers we were given, will see how they turn out as it's the first time I've tried them.

We also got to eat our first patty pan squash this morning!! We've been impatiently waiting for them to ripen, and can't wait for more to come on...cause it sure tasted like MORE this morning! LOL Our garden isn't doing real well, but we are getting a few things here and there...I've dried some of the okra we've gotten, hopefully it will keep producing so I can do more. Our cucumbers aren't doing well...or the tomatoes for that matter, but we are thankful for what we get, either from our garden...or everyone else's! *grin*

To top it of the roses we bought and planted this spring survived (so far) and is's so pretty!  (see photo above)   Love the two colored blossoms!

Peaches is getting back to her normal self too. She was depressed at the first of the week, she was all droopy and didn't volunteer to play with her toys...we could GET her to, but she didn't for long. Wednesday she started grabbing her toy's by herself, and didn't seem as droopy and now she is mostly back to her normal self, happy and full of joy. She's even enjoyed some extra time out with DH while he was working outside...she is back to tormenting Yani when she can, by barking at her (as she is doing in the above photo).

The weather has been much more bearable this week, I even turned the air off...yesterday was the BEST, and it actually almost seemed cold last night siting in front of the open living room window! This summer is just so much better than last in the temperature department! Gotta LOVE that!

It's so nice to have things back on more of an even's full of tears are just NOT my cup of tea...and I prefer seeing Peaches happy rather than dragging around the house all sad, it makes me feel better that way too. We haven't had any luck finding a new puppy (close to us anyway)...but God has his plan there, as much as I'd like to get one and get the potty training in before winter, I want him to find us a GOOD one like he did last time, so we will wait! And YES, we gotta have a DH says, if it's NOT a's JUST a dog! *giggle*

Anyway, better get back to work!  Just wanted to share what I've been up to this week, so I could end the week on a happier note.  Loving seeing the jars of canned goods pile up, even if it's not mine we are canning!  Will be working on some tomato sauce soon (as long as the tomato's keep coming in) and some of THAT will be for me too.  I didn't need any soup, as we still had some from last year.  Hope all is well with everyone, have a great weekend!  :-))


  1. Been buried here, Deb. But I caught this post and am so glad that things are working their way toward the other side of the pain, to the healing. Sometimes, I think God thinks we need more time for healing before we're ready to bring a new soul into the fold. Either way, you know He gets the last word and it's always GOOD! Hoping to get a post in within the next couple days. Just keep stepping forward, carrying faith in your pockets. Ya'll will be just fine!

  2. Glad to hear that things are starting to feel better.


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