Thursday, August 08, 2013

Blessed Autumn

We've been blessed these last 12 years to have the love of a very special dachshund named Autumn. She has given us unconditional love, through good times and bad, when I felt the most down, she was there comforting me as best as she could, which always made me feel better. She would jump into my lap if I was sitting down and get as close to my face as she could when she knew I was upset, and just sit there in my arms letting me know I was loved. I would hug her and soak up that love till I felt better.

She has been my comforter for many years now but I'm afraid that time is quickly coming to an end. She's kinda seemed like she has been going down hill for a while now, but today has been the worse...she started the day with an odd shaky thing going on and now tonight she can hardly walk without falling over some of the time...and still has the shakes. The vet gave her some antibiotics, but we don't really know what is wrong...probably just old age.

My poor baby girl...I'm just praying she doesn't suffer much. If it's her time to go, take her in her sleep quickly please...although I certainly wouldn't turn down more time with this special little "girl" if she could be healed. YOUR will be done...and thank you so much for the time we have had with her, she is a blessing and we love her very much.

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  1. Aw! I am sorry. It's hard to watch a beloved pet struggle. :(


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