Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hanging in there so far.

Autumn 3-29-2006

I really don't think Autumn has improved any, with the drugs the vet gave us (maybe it's still to soon?)...but she IS still hanging in there. Still not walking good, and to tell you the truth, for a while last night, we didn't think she would make it through the night, but she did and she is still fighting.

She always has been our little fighter! She wouldn't take anything from anybody...

Autumn playing grizzly bear. 4-30-2010

...even if they were huge compared to her, she would take them on if she thought they were in her space, or going to "bug" her or her human's. LOL

That's just the way she is...a fighter, and yet a lover, cause she loves people, and she loves us.

We haven't been getting a lot of sleep the last few nights...she has to go outside more often, and doesn't always stay in her bed like she we've had her up with us some, although that's one reason we aren't getting much sleep, cause every time she moves we jump awake...I think tonight (as much as I hate to) we may try to confine her to her bed that is right beside maybe we can get a little more sleep and not have her wondering around the downstairs all night, stumbling around in the dark.

If we don't get more sleep, I for one may loose it, cause I know I don't do well on little or no sleep.  We will see how it goes.  I'm hanging in there so far...once in a while it gets to me so I choke up, but God's helping me to not be a total basket case as this goes on and on, and for that I'm grateful.  I'm loving her while I can...and getting what I have to done around the house...the rest will have to wait.

Peaches has been less playful the last few weeks, and especially seemed down the last few days...but finally did play some today.  Not sure if that's cause I made an extra effort to get her to, cause she's seemed so down or what.  Last night, during the worst of the night, Peaches was really watching her "big sister", like she knew something was really wrong.  Even though Autumn tried to kill her a lot when she was growing up, so much so she is still scared of her at times (along with every other animal on the planet...except Yani)...I think she knows things aren't right, and will miss her big sister if she gives up the fight too.

Sorry for another "downer" post...just thought I'd do a quick update, for those who were wondering how Autumn was doing.  We are still in a holding pattern here, waiting to see how it all turns out ourselves.  It could go either way at this point, only God knows the answer for sure.

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