Friday, August 30, 2013

STILL keeping busy!

Wow, what a week! Just wanted to check in and say YES, we are still alive and kicking, since I only managed one post this week...and it was Monday. LOL I actually had things I wanted to post about this week, but...alas...time got away from me, so I couldn't get photo's off my camera, or find time to blog. Hopefully I can share a few next week...if I find time to blog, but for now I'll just share this photo of some flowers my darling hubby brought me.

These cute little flowers are growing along the roadsides here now...I liked them as we passed, but didn't realize just HOW cute they really are till DH brought some to me. How sweet he is, to take time to stop and pick me some wild flowers. :-))

Among other things this week...including some special visitor's, one of our Amish neighbor's had a baby! We carted them an hour and a half away to their midwife, and then went back and got them once she was recovered enough to come home. What a HOT week, to be having a baby too...cause it got up to 100 this week, or least almost if it didn't make it over 100. So thankful for our air this week...and the promise of a cool down next week! Looking forward to that, that's for sure!

Gotta run now though, it's late, I'm REALLY tired, and got plans for tomorrow so can't sleep in!!! Hopefully I can find time to share more about this week sometime! LOL We will see how things go. Have a great weekend! :-))

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  1. Those are beautiful flowers! ... And yay for new babies! :)


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