Sunday, September 01, 2013

We took a short road trip!

Well, Peaches isn't happy. Course to top it off, she just had a false pregnancy, which means she now thinks she should have puppies...and all her toys are her puppies, which will make her even less happy having another puppy around, but yep...I don't know that she would be real happy anyway, cause we got a new puppy!

(On a side note...we WILL be getting Peaches "fixed" in the next few months if at all in when we find the money to....cause this is totally for the birds, she is WORSE this time...and that's saying something, as it's never fun when they have that trouble...the new little one will be fixed also, so she doesn't have the trouble at all...hopefully.)

This little one isn't going to be as "little" as we are used to when she grows up I don't think, but I'm sure we will still love her. She isn't a mini dachshund, which is my favorite, but they are hard to come by, especially in our price range at the when we saw these advertised, we took a little road trip to go see them, and couldn't leave without buying one. *sigh* What can I say, we are suckers for a cute face...especially when it has those adorable ears. LOL  The parents weren't as big as some standard sized dachshunds we've maybe she won't be huge, but I still expect her to be bigger than any of the others we've had since we got married.

We have named her Belle, and now the "fun" starts...trying to get her potty trained, and trying to "watch" that she doesn't do something she isn't suppose to, cause she wants to chew on things more than some of the other's we've had did.  The sleepless nights are back...cause she has to go out several times a night, but thankfully....that's mostly been hubby's job, since I get the fun of doing most of the daytime work, and I do even worse than he does on little sleep.  LOL

I have to admit, I'm not sure how "up for this" I really am right now...but guess I gotta so I will.  *sigh*  I suppose as long as Peaches forgives us, I'll manage.  LOL  She just really hasn't been happy...especially when I was holding it may take a little while for Peaches to accept Belle.  Totally expected, although I of course had hoped it wouldn't be that way...but sure didn't really expect THAT miracle. LOL  Not after Autumn's reaction to Peaches.  I'll just be happy if Peaches finally accepts her, and doesn't try to kill her...if we can have peace eventually, without the major battles, I'll be happy, even if I do have to watch Belle like a hawk.  :-))

So...hopefully I can share more photos of her soon (If I find time to get some), and hopefully she will be EASY to train!  And...hopefully all the cords I have in the living room will survive, I caught her already taking one in her for now the living room door will have to stay shut, if no one is in there watching her.

Least maybe before winter gets here she will be a little better trained, and bigger, so she can go outside by herself!  :-))

She is a cutie though...we didn't think we were going for a black and tan one, cause we thought the only black and tan puppy they had was male...but we got there and they had a black and tan female too!!  They hadn't advertised her, cause they thought a family member wanted her, but they talked to them the morning we were to show up to look at the puppies, and it was decided she could be we got a nice surprise when we got there, I really wanted a black and tan...although the other female they had was cute too.  Love God's little surprises!

I'll try to get some more photos this week...with my camera, the above one was taken with my phone.  I love how she looked with DH's red shirt as a backdrop.  :-))

Right now I gotta some things to do, before we go to my parents.  Their anniversary is tomorrow and since my brother has to work then we are going to get together this afternoon.  Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad...hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!  (Happy anniversary to my brother and his wife also...their's is coming up this week also!)


  1. Ohhhhhhh! I am so tickled for y'all! She's adorable! And I would give her an old sock tied in a knot. The cords all represent a 'texture' that she's searching for, to cut those teeth. Change the texture... you'll change the behavior. We've always crated for the night, after pulling their water around 7pm. They get into the routine really fast, learning to go out around 7am. In no time at all... they've conned their way into our bed. LOL

  2. I'm sure Peaches will be happy with her new playmate in no time! She sure is cute!


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