Monday, September 02, 2013

Catch up Day

Thankfully today was a catch up day here, instead of having to do canning...cause with being gone some this weekend, I didn't have enough time to get some things done I needed to do. I managed to piddle around the house and get done what really NEEDED to be done, and also got to go meet the newest member of our little "neighborhood" (the little baby born last week that I didn't get to see since I didn't go with hubby to pick them up)...we were going to go Saturday afternoon, but didn't get home soon enough to.

I snapped a photo of Belle sleeping, which she still does a lot of...thankfully. I'm having trouble remembering I have a puppy to watch now, so her sleeping a lot will help work me into that I hope. LOL She does have times she plays, which is soooo cute! LOL I didn't get any play photo's yet, but maybe one of these days I can.

She discovered Peaches dog food today, and seemed to want it over her now we will have to move it so hopefully she doesn't get to much of it. She is still young enough she needs the puppy food, and I don't want her filling up on the other. LOL

Peaches is still not really liking her, but then she is also still thinking she has puppies so is not liking a lot of things. *giggle* She has been coming out to sit on my lap though, so maybe she has forgiven me for getting her a little sister. She is interested in her...just not in having her to close...but maybe once she gets over her thinking she has puppies she will get a little nicer.

I did finally manage to get some salsa made up to start fermenting...been wanting to do that but had to wait till the beans were done. I think we let the beans sit to long...the "hot" ones were ok, but the others had some mold on we tossed them. Hubby does like the hot ones though, so who knows, maybe I'll try more one of these days.

It's been a somewhat quiet day here, which has been NICE!  Better run now though, need to finish supper.  Just thought I'd share another photo of Belle!  :-))

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  1. Just gotta give Peaches some time. Our CeeCee and Frisky have warmed up nicely, to our new kitten, Rosie. :)


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