Thursday, September 05, 2013

Precious Belle

Precious Belle

Our new puppy, Belle...aka sure growing on me! LOL She already has me wrapped around her little paw, and is spoiled rotten! Big surprise I know! LOL For not really wanting a puppy right didn't take her long to grab my heart.

Belle, aka Trouble, digging...already!

We are thinking we maybe should have named her Trouble though...cause she kinda seems like she may either, be "Trouble" or cause "Trouble"...or get into "Trouble" a lot. *giggle* Sometimes she has that mischievous look on her face, and in her she is just looking for trouble...but she is so adorable with it...she may get away with more than she should. LOL  Hopefully she will be "good" with it once she learns some things.

For now I tried to block off the worst parts of the living she can't get behind the couch, or my chair where there are several cords, and we keep the door shut some of the time so she can't get in there at all...since it appears that trouble could be her middle name!  LOL  Yes she needs to "learn" to behave, but she also has to have time to do that learning, so till then we will "child proof" just a tad bit...and watch her as much as possible.

Baby Belle...she is just darling!

She is doing pretty good at the potty training thing...not perfect, we have had a few "accidents" but most of the time it's my fault, cause I don't catch the sign's she needs out, till it's to late. Puppies need a lot of watching (and attention) to get them trained up my opinion...which is why I didn't know if I was up for it right now, but for the most part (so far) it's working ok and she IS delightful.

Belle...she's so cute!

She's gotten used to us more, and is playing more and even growling when she does, which I think is just adorable. Peaches is still unsure if she wants to be friends...but is also still having hormonal trouble, from the false pregnancy, so I'm still hopeful that will change.

This morning, for the first time when they were both outside, Peaches did actually "almost" act like she wanted to play a little, which REALLY got my hopes up. Maybe once her hormone's get back to normal, she will be back to her sweet self and make friends with her. It will be so fun watching them play together if they ever do start doing that!

Belle playing with the cat

For now however, Belle is enjoying playing with the cats! She isn't afraid of them like Peaches is (course we don't have mean ones like we did when Peaches was little LOL), so she does have some friends. She's even wanted to go see some of the chickens, but they run away from her, so she stops and watches them run away wondering why they won't be her friend. *giggle*

Belle loves chewing on things...including this leaf.

Belle does LOVE to chew on things...she reminds me of Autumn when she play's with leaves, cause Autumn loved the fall leaves when we first got her too. Sometimes, the way she looks reminds me of my favorite puppy of Autumn and Rascal's only litter, we called that puppy "baby doll" cause she was totally adorable.

All in all, it's been a good "getting to know each other" week.  It's not been as hard to work around the house and watch her as I thought it would be, cause she does still sleep quite a bit...but it can be a little challenging at times...especially around supper time.  Hopefully we will get back into a good "puppy" grove and get her trained up like she needs to be, to fit good into our family...she is already well on her way, but does need to work on a few things.

Needless to say, I'm now convinced it was a "good time" to get a puppy, cause she is totally adorable and I'm in love with her already!  God knew what he was doing when he had me find the ad for her!  Praise God for blessing us with another special fur baby to love!  :-))

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  1. She sure has a sweet face, though she looks like she's crying in the top picture. lol


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