Saturday, September 07, 2013

Barking Belle

I had my phone with me, when I took Belle outside this morning, cause I was texting one of our nieces, when Belle started barking at a cat because it decided to let her know it didn't like her biting it's tail. This is the FIRST time we've heard more than just a bark or two out of her, so I was happy I managed to capture part of the bark fest with my phone's video camera.

I'm thinking Belle may be a bit braver than Peaches is...but we will see down the road a bit. She sure is fun to watch when she plays...and her cute little puppy bark is fun to listen me anyway. *giggle*

This is also the first video I have taken and uploaded to my you tube channel...yes I'm a bit slow.  LOL  Course my camera, being an older model dslr, doesn't let me take I've not had a way to do it before I got this new phone a month or so ago.

Just thought I would share a quick video of our new puppy since I managed to get one.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!  :-))

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