Friday, September 13, 2013

Old and New News.

Mom, Dad, Uncle Mike & Aunt Pat sitting around my dining room table talking.

A couple weeks ago one of my Aunt and Uncle's came up to see us! I didn't manage to blog about it, with all that's been going getting our new little fur baby pushed it back further. However, I did want to touch on it, and say how wonderful it was to see them!

This is my Mom's baby brother...well next to youngest baby brother. It's always wonderful to see them, but we don't get to much anymore, because they are missionary's in Africa, and don't get back here as often as it would be nice. I sure miss having them around closer though!

I loved seeing them when I was growing up, although we didn't a lot then either, as they lived in Colorado, but when we lived in the city, just after my beloved Uncle Orison died, they lived down there too and we would go see them now and then...when we had time to anyway, which still wasn't as often as it would have been nice to.

Uncle Mike holding Peaches and laughing after sticking his tongue out at me.  :-))

Uncle Mike was always fun to be around, he and DH joked back and forth a lot when we would see them. He also loves dachshunds, which of course we've always had since we got married, so that's always made him "our kind of people" too! LOL

Aunt Pat...I said something that came out wrong.  LOL

Aunt Pat was always fun too, we saw her a little more growing up, cause she was able to come back to visit, while Uncle Mike had to work. She was always fun to have around too!

It was SO NICE that they were able to make it up to see us, before they headed back to Africa!  Wish we could have seen them more while they were here, but I'm just thankful we were blessed with their company for a little while...after all any is better than none!  :-))

Hope you both had a good trip back to Africa, and stay safe over there!  Love you both!!

It's been another busy week here this week...more canning got done...and we dried some tomato's in our dehydrator's too, as well as our monthly shopping and Azure pickup.  Mom and Dad's tomato's were really producing well the last couple weeks, so we had 4 buckets to work up each day we did them till yesterday when there were only a couple...but that may have been because we did them a day earlier than usual.

It has cooled off here finally!  It's been down right hot till yesterday...and today is even cooler than it was then.  It was a bit nippy when we first got up, but is warming up now so it's just NICE out.  Suppose to stay at least in the 70's for a few days, so that will be wonderful!  Should be a WONDERFUL weekend, since it's not going to be so HOT!  :-))

As for our new addition...Belle is thriving!  She's a little stinker, but oh so cute with it.  Her and Peaches are actually starting to do better together, and Peaches has actually tried to play with her a few times.  She still snarls here or there, but never jumps on her and tries to kill her like Autumn did with Peaches, so I'm feeling a little more comfortable with them being together.  I don't mind if Peaches keeps Belle in line...just didn't know if she would try to kill her.  LOL

Belle actually growled and barked at Peaches this morning, when DH put his oatmeal bowl down for them to clean out, and Peaches backed I'm thinking even more than I did before that Belle may be the top dog eventually! Poor Peaches.  LOL  Belle LOVES food...she is eager at meal times, cause she thinks she should always get some of OUR food...I thought Autumn was bad when it came to food, but I think this new little one may be WORSE!  LOL  We have some work to do about teaching her not to be so annoying at meal time...but she will learn.

She's been doing pretty good this week with the potty training thing...Monday she was locked in our bathroom, on the lino, while we were gone shopping, so Tuesday she wouldn't let me get to far away from her, but since then she's been better at entertaining herself, when I'm busy and I've not even had to chase her down outside, when it's time to come in cause I started bribing her like I did Peaches when she was little.  *giggle*  It's so cute, she lets me pick her up when it's time to come back in, and then I set her down when we get inside the door, and she runs over and sits in front of the fridge, and looks up all cute like, waiting for her little bit of treat that I keep on top the fridge...I don't give her a big piece, since she has to go out way to often still, but just that tiny piece of treat gets her to come in, even when she is having tons of fun outside with the cats.

I need to figure out how to get her to do better inside now...cause she likes to be in a couple rooms I block her out of some of the time...unless we are in them with her...and likes to try to get away from me so I can't pick her up when I don't want her in them.  I'll have to work with her well as start training her to sit, lay down etc soon too, but keep busy with everything else so am just doing the basics now.  Hopefully we can start the rest in another week or two...even though we will also be starting apples soon, so will be even busier with canning.  

Fall is in the air is still getting stored for winter....and our babies are keeping us entertained, so all is well in our part of the world!  Hope it is in yours too!  :-))

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