Saturday, September 14, 2013

Playing in Photoshop

Uncle Mike and Aunt Pat came to see us while they were in the was  to short a trip, but we sure enjoyed seeing them!  I had to take a couple photos and put them together to get this one, cause I didn't dig out my tripod so we could all be together in one...I'm not the best at putting myself in a photo but...It might work.  :-))

Speaking of my Aunt and Uncle visiting....we took some group photo's just before they left to go home (my Dad had already left, which is why he isn't in the photo's) and since I didn't set up my tripod so we could get everyone in the photo, my Uncle wanted me to try to add myself to the photo of everyone. So...DH took a photo of all of us (and I actually had a brain and stood behind and to the right of Uncle Mike, (not to the left LOL) NEXT to where DH had I could actually add myself into the photo of the rest of them easier.  It's far from perfect, and wasn't quite as easy as I thought it would be (cause I have done something like this before) but finally managed to get it "good enough" I hope.

I have to say, even if I'm not managing to do any scrapbooking...and have forgotten a LOT of what I used to do in photoshop, it is still FUN to play now and then with my photo's if nothing else.  All those years of scrapbooking really has made it so I am able to do a little more with my photos than I ever would have been able to, had I not been scrapbooking.

It was fun to manage to play in photoshop, for a little bit again...more than just cropping and lightening up my photos!  Just thought I'd share the end I said, it's not perfect, but hopefully workable.  :-))

Ok, better get off here...have to set this up to post tomorrow (hopefully), as we have plans...and then get to bed, so we can get up early!  Poor fur babies will NOT be happy campers, since they will have to stay home by themselves, but hopefully we will have lots of fun, on a day trip with my brother and his wife!

Have a wonderful weekend, and I'll share photos if I get any good ones on our day trip as soon as I can find the time to get them off my camera...hopefully Sunday, but no promises.  :-))

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