Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Harvest is in full swing here!  This is just to the south of our house.

Harvest is in full swing here. When we were out this last weekend we saw there were still several fields on the way to town that had to be harvested.

Winter is coming up way to fast as usual it seems! I'm starting to think we won't get everything done here, but...time will tell! Getting close to the end of canning apple sauce, so we are slowing down with our canning thankfully...maybe I'll be able to get a few other things done around the house I've been putting off...if I can just remember what they all are anyway.  Hubby has a bunch left to do outside...with little time to do it in.  Story of our lives really, but hey, least we aren't bored!

Hopefully this week I'll get down to my soap room and actually make soap...we will see if that happens.  I think I may have forgotten HOW to make it, since it's been so long.  LOL  Want to get that stocked back up, since it's been a long time since I managed to make any, plus need to make some more lotion bars...and salve.  I'm finding it a little hard to get moving though...after being busy for awhile now...even if I did have pockets of recovery time in between.  LOL  Ok, maybe I'm just feeling lazy today, I don't know.  Hopefully that won't continue, as I really do have things to do.

It's so hard to believe that November will be here soon...where has the time gone?  I'll have to be thinking about Thanksgiving soon!  Already!  Yikes...I can't believe this will be our 2nd Thanksgiving back here!  Time just seems to fly by!

Ok, gotta get off here and see what I can get done!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!  :-))

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