Saturday, October 19, 2013

It's Here!!!

Our two cutie's!  They were laying in the sun by the front door and I had to snap their photo...the shadows kinda makes it hard to see everything good but they still look cute!

Belle and Peaches is wondering what all the excitement is about!

The day we look forward to most each year is finally here!!! We are off to the Missouri Day Celebration's the biggest event in our local town and we have a lot of fun browsing the booths to see what goodies we can find. We didn't get to save as much spending money for it this year...but will still have a little to spend.

This year there is a tractor show in town too, so that's making DH even happier!  LOL

We used to have to come back from Nebraska to enjoy it, but now, since we moved we don't have so far to go which makes it that much nicer!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend...we will if the previous years are anything to go by!  ;-))

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