Thursday, October 17, 2013


Belle straddling Peaches playing with a tennis ball.

Our two girls have really been playing up a storm lately, at times it seems it's non stop fun, racing around the house after each other, or wrestling in one of their beds or on the carpet.  They both love playing with the tennis balls...both big and little.

Belle straddling Peaches playing with a tennis ball.

This morning I was on the computer, checking e-mail and when I turned to get up I saw them both over by the front door on the rug in a sunbeam...with Belle straddling Peaches while playing with a ball. Peaches was just laying there enjoying the sun...and having a little sister for company. Belle seems to love straddling Peaches...silly girl. LOL

Once Peaches saw I was taking a photo, she decided to show off and snagged the ball too.

Once Peaches saw I was taking photos she decided to "show off" for a change, instead of hiding from the camera. Peaches snagged the ball, and a small tussle commenced over the ball.

Peaches and Belle fighting over a ball.

The tussle made Belle stop straddling Peaches, and they went back and forth each pulling on the ball, trying to get it away from the other.

Peaches got the ball away from Belle...she is still top dog so far.  LOL

Peaches finally won this round, as she does a lot so far...but...we will see if that continues as Belle gets older. They sure are enjoying being sisters.

 Peaches is actually playing more now than she has for several months...this having a little sister thing has been REALLY good for her! Her bedtime playtime has picked back up now too...we still let her have a little quality "us" time without her sister at bedtime, unless we are to tired to, and it had dwindled over the last several months to where she didn't want to spend to long playing, but it's picked back up now, so much so that she is not always READY for bed when we are.  LOL

It's so good to see the girls playing together, and knowing that THIS time, getting a new puppy has actually done what we hopped it would, unlike last time when we got Peaches for Autumn...which was to give our fur baby a new companion and friend.

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