Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cool Oddities

One of these things does not

It's certainly apple season around our neck of the woods...my parents apple trees were LOADED this year! I only bought some apples cause I wanted a specific kind for the apple pie filling I put in my freezer...the kind we had growing up a lot of the time, and yes I can (usually) tell the difference in the taste of the pie...I like other kinds, but I just really like that flavor I remember from childhood.

We have several buckets of apples on our table right now, waiting for morning to again get some apple sauce canned...a couple 5 gallon buckets as well as several gallon buckets.  The "odd" thing on our table right now is the vase with lilacs in it!

Fall is apple time...nothing odd about that, but, Lilac time?  Hmmm....nope, one doesn't think of Lilacs in the fall, yet, the other day DH came in and said our lilacs were trying to bloom again.  Then, I was over at my parents this morning, and Mom pointed out that THEIR lilacs also had a few blooms on them!!

I had to run over and sniff them, cause I just LOVE the smell of lilacs...and Dad came over with me and cut a few of them so I could bring some home, and Mom could have some in her house.  So...I have lilacs in my house, in the Fall!  How ODD is THAT!!  Cool...but still strange.  :-))

There aren't near as MANY blooms on the lilacs as in the spring...but even a few for that wonderful lilac smell is a treat!

The apples were thick this year on my parents trees.  Mom and I have been making apple sauce...and I thought these two

Yesterday when we were making apple sauce Mom brought these "two" apples from their tree.  They were so close together they "grew" together.  Another oddity I had to share...it brought a grin to my morning, seeing them.  Anything unusual that breaks up the monotony of cutting up apples is a good thing.  :-))

As you can see some Oddities can be cool, which is good as I've always been rather "odd" according to some people...does that mean I am Cool?!!  *snicker*  ;-))

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