Saturday, October 12, 2013

Twenty-Two Years

Carrot time! - Course when DH came walking up with carrots in hand, she forgot all about me and my camera!  LOL

I've loved this big strapping former Marine for over 22 years now! What a blessing he has been to me, and countless other people.

He's Such a gentleman, gentle and kind ALWAYS to me, our animals, as well as other people we come into contact with, be they family, friends or strangers.  He is the BEST Man I know, and I've known some pretty darn good ones! :-))

He is always willing to help someone, be they family or friends, without expecting anything in return. He gives you chance after chance to redeem yourself, even if you don't deserve it (ask me how I know!  LOL) and forgives easily if the slight is to himself...although I've noticed it's not as easy for him to "forgive" or maybe I should move past or forget the "slight" if it's against me or hurts me.  Gotta love a man who HATES to see you hurting!  :-))

He makes me laugh...even at myself.  He lighten's the heaviest of days, and thinks it's his job to cheer people up if they are down...and does a real good job of it too.  One of our niece's mentioned how she needed his "goofiness" cause it brightened her day, as we hugged goodbye a week or so ago, after going to see her when SHE was having a particularly bad day.  That's my Man...teasing and goofy...yet still strong, gentle, kind and hard working.  He may be getting older, slowing down and not able to do what he could do 22 years ago...but he is still the Man I fell in love with!

He has such wisdom about some things, he "knows" things I couldn't begin to know and knows how to deal with things I want nothing to do with.   He is my Rock, my Best Friend, my Knight in Shinning Armor, My Life!!

Happy 22 Anniversary Dear!  I LOVE you...ALWAYS!!  Thanks for all the laughs over the years, and most of all,  your love.  :-))

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