Thursday, October 10, 2013

Feeling like Fall

Fall is coming, the lighting is changing and the leaves are starting to also.

It's starting to look and even FEEL like Fall here now in northern Missouri. I'm loving the cooler temps, the mornings we wake up and it's a bit nippy out have been wonderful. While there is still a lot of green out there, some of the leaves are starting to turn colors, and the lighting is different...more fall like.

Soon it will be time to light the wood furnace, although it's not quite THAT cold yet...if we NEED a little heat to take the chill off, our propane furnace will work just fine to do that without making it TO hot in the house. But will be time to enjoy the added warmth of the wood furnace! Till then, I'm enjoying the cooler temps in the mornings and the fact that it's not getting unbearably hot during the day!

Belle isn't enjoying the cool mornings...she was ready to go back inside before I was.  LOL

Course, Belle isn't really liking the cool mornings! She doesn't understand that it will only get colder, before it warms up again. LOL Bet she is going to HATE winter!  She was trying to get me to go inside in this photo...which I did once I snapped it.

Belle is growing like a weed. She is able to run up and down the steps now without much trouble, even the longer ones we have inside the house to the basement. If she gets in a rush, she stumbles, but other than that she does great! She's also coming when I call better (for the most part), bribing her with treats when she comes in from outside when I tell her to is finally paying off. *giggle* She is so stubborn it was a fight for a while...and she had to "get in her bed" when I had to go round her up, WITHOUT a treat, but she seems to be getting the idea now, so isn't in the dog house as often.

That's one thing I detest...a dog that won't come when I call...which is why I've resorted to bribery since getting Peaches, so I didn't have that trouble. Autumn came good, but Rascal only did if he wanted to...and if he was outside, he didn't usually want to. LOL Now if DH told Rascal to do something, he would...but he was HIS dog, so wanted to please him I guess. LOL So instead of fighting them, I bribe them now...makes my life easier, eventually anyway! ;-))

Belle's skin problem is clearing up slowly...she still has it, and I'm still doctoring it, but it IS looking better finally!  Can't wait till it's gone and we don't have to put that cream on her...with her getting bigger it's getting harder to hold her with one hand, while my other one puts the cream on her tummy and chest.  The other spots aren't as hard to deal with, as I can tuck her under my arm and hold her that way.  LOL

She is minding better, she knows what no is and is actually listening to it better now.  *giggle*  She is still rather spoiled, and loves to come be held when I'm at my computer...which makes it hard to do much on it, besides read, but I'm a sucker for those sad puppy dog eyes she can give...maybe not as well as Peaches can, but well enough.  ;-)  She still likes to chew...but even that's slowed down a bit, and I've actually gotten puppy kisses, instead of being chewed on constantly!  Gotta love those puppy kisses!

Peaches and Belle tear around the house now, when they both feel like playing.  They attack each other, and roll around on the living room carpet, trying to get the better of each other.  It's so FUN watching's much better than TV that's for sure!  They can both be goofy, and oh so fun to watch!

Feast Get together...we all enjoyed watching Kainsley open her gifts...this was her first feast!

This last weekend we had a family get together, to celebrate one of God's Holy Days. We always give gifts at that time, because we don't celebrate christmas to do it then.  We all had fun opening presents, and I got some wonderful goodies, (which if I ever get around to getting a photo of some of them I'll have to share with you...but we will see if that ever happens).  I think everyone's favorite thing was watching Kainsley open her's her first "feast" celebration and while she was young enough she didn't totally know what was going on, it was still fun to watch her.  Next year I'm sure will be even better, as she won't need as much help to tear into her packages I wouldn't think!  LOL  Gotta love a child's enthusiasm  when they open gifts!  :-))

We are still busy around this hillbilly farm, enough so I haven't managed to blog for a while, which isn't an excuse I probably could have found time to, had I tried harder...just haven't felt like being on the computer much when I do have time to.  Trying to rest my feet, so the days we are busy canning don't kill them, since they seem to be hurting more this year than other ones.  Course, I think we've done more canning this year too which could be part of it.  Love canning...but there comes a point when enough is enough I guess...who knew!  LOL  Hubby is extremely busy too, guess it's a case of so much to do and so little time to do it in for both of us.  I suppose it's better than being bored...a problem I don't ever seem to have anymore.

That's about all the "news" from Hillbilly Hill Farm...hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far! Take Care!

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