Friday, September 27, 2013

Still trying to keep up.

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Life continues to be busy around this Hillbilly farm...some days I get up before the sun, just to be ready to do the day's canning...and for those of you who know me, you KNOW that isn't really something I like to do a lot of. LOL Yes, I don't sleep in like I used to anymore, but I still really prefer the sun to beat me up! :-))

That rise before I do, not to actually physically "beat" me up, although naturally I would prefer that to not happen too!  *giggle*  *roll eyes*

Course, it is kinda nice to catch shots like these with my it doesn't bother me to have to get up to see the sunrise now and then, even if I have to get busy right after I take them! :-))

Needless to say, with all that we have going on I'm finding it hard to keep up with everything...including taking photos or blogging!

More canning got done this week...almost two much actually, cause my back is giving me fits right now from bending over the counter a bit to long three days in a roll (what can I say, I'm getting old LOL). We are trying to get in as much canning as possible, cause we have had and will have some down time with the biblical holy days we celebrate so want to fit in as much canning as possible around them. 

Next week however, we decided to take off, so we could get ready for our gift giving time (since we don't celebrate Christmas we give gifts in the fall during one of the holy days) so....hopefully I can rest up a bit and be ready to do the last of the canning when we "return"!

We are canning applesauce right now...think we may actually be done with tomato's, still getting some, but we have enough tomato stuff for this winter canned up we think. Need more applesauce, and apples in the freezer for pie's (I tend to give apple crisps away to neighbors too, so need extra so I can do that!) then we will have some pumpkin to can. Not sure how much, as that's all for Mom cause I don't use it much...and haven't heard how much she wants yet. Once that's done, we will see if we have time and energy to can something else...if something comes along. If you asked me if I wanted to keep caning once that's all done THIS week...I'd have to say No! NO NO NO!!! LOL

I do like to can, but....sometimes it does get to be a bit much, especially three days in a row!  After a rest, I'm sure I won't mind canning so much though!  :-))

Belle is growing like a weed!!  I haven't gotten any recent photo's of her, with keeping busy, but trust me she is growing!  She has had a skin problem...not quite sure WHAT it is, just what it isn't.  LOL  DH took her into the vet since Mom and I were busy canning, so I didn't hear what all they said, but they gave us a spay that we've been using, and her tummy looks a LOT better than it did, although there are a few spots other places that have to still get to healing up.  Hopefully in the next few days, they will start to fade too!

Peaches and Belle play together a LOT now!  It's so FUN watching them!!  Peaches is loving having a little sister now I think, except for those times Belle has to chew on Peaches ears or other body parts...then she probably wonders what she did to make us bring home this little chew monster.  LOL  Peaches does still get a little jealous of Belle, but enjoys playing with her too so life is good there!  It's so nice to have peace with our fur babies for a change!  Peaches puts up with a lot, poor girl...she is a lover, not a fighter, so doesn't get after Belle as much as she probably should, but it sure makes life more peaceful than it was when Peaches was a baby!  I sure loved Autumn, but she was a monster at times, and hated having a little sister.  LOL

All in all, even with keeping so busy I can't get everything done that needs done around here, we are enjoying the early fall...even when the temps rise back into the upper 80's like they have the last several days, so it is too hot for our tastes!  We are enjoying watching our fur babies play together and watching fall creep over the land...Fall color will be here before you know it!

And if you remember from last year, you KNOW how I LOVE Missouri's Fall colors!!  I'm looking forward to seeing how colorful this fall is.  :-))

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