Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cuddle time

Cuddle time with

After the romping was done this last weekend, Peaches had some quality "Daddy" time with hubby. Belle doesn't slow down long enough to get much of that yet, but Peaches loves her cuddle time.

Peaches sure loves her tummy rubs!

Course what Peaches REALLY loves, is getting her tummy rubs! She always rolls over and "begs" for them...and usually gets them too. LOL

Ahhh...Peaches and Galen having quality time.

Ahhh...they do love spending time together! Peaches may be my girl a lot of the time, but she does adore my hubby too!

Peaches says

Peaches say's "Thanks for my tummy rub Daddy!" with a lick and nose chew. LOL I don't know how our doxie's get started on it, but it seems when it comes to hubby they always go up and softly chew on his nose when they want to thank him for something or just say hi.  They all have him wrapped around their little paws, that's for sure!  :-))

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