Thursday, November 14, 2013


The more I think about a texting conversation I had with a certain someone last night, the more ticked off it makes me.

It seems they are mad at me (so much so they said they didn't think they could forgive me) for not changing the date and or time we are celebrating Thanksgiving. They are REALLY mad that we accommodate a good friend of ours, instead of setting the time and date for when THEY want it to be. After all they are BLOOD!

I guess since they have so many other places to go on Thanksgiving, WE are suppose to have it some OTHER they can enjoy Thanksgiving with their other family ON Thanksgiving, while we don't get a Thanksgiving until THEY are willing to come join us.

First off, that good friend is a REALLY good friend who has helped us out so many times over the past few years that personally I think he deserves family status. Second of all...friends are family we no matter how MUCH I love certain family members, they don't necessarily always come before my friends do. It's totally up to family members where they on the totem pole of our lives. If they are below some of our friends...well that’s THEIR choice! If they want to rise up above someone, they have to join in and become who keeps in touch and actually is a part of our lives more than friends are.

To me, family loves each other, even if you are fighting...helps each other out, even if it's inconvenient to proud to say this is my family, even if you are having difficulties with them at the time...keeps in touch from time to time, even if you are miles away...understands that the other members of their family has feelings too. Family is a safe harbor, loving arms & helpful smile. We may not always like or agree with the things that family members do, but we always love them and are always willing to help if at all possible.

By the above definition, if a friend fits it better than family does...then yep, sorry, I'm going to want to do things for that friend, more than that family member. It's just a fact of life; we like to spend time with people who show they like to be around us. That’s not to say we don't still love the other family member and enjoy seeing them when we can, but they can't expect to be catered to, if they aren't going to put any effort into the relationship, no matter if they are BLOOD or not. Blood isn't ALWAYS thicker than water!

It's nice to know that MY feelings have been taken into consideration here...after all, I've been quite vocal about how Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday, and how much I love having company join us that day to celebrate. I don't expect everyone to be able to EVERY year, and there are cases where I MIGHT be willing to change when we celebrate it...but NOT just because someone, who hasn't bothered to act like family to me wants me to so they can enjoy several Thanksgiving Dinners.

I may be a Bitch at times...but I think I deserve to be able to have Thanksgiving ON Thanksgiving if that's when I decide to have it, without being disrespected enough to not be forgiven for it!

Grow up Sweetie, the world doesn't revolve around YOU...and nobody ever said LIFE was fair, so suck it up and realize that we have lives and feelings too, of which you can be a part of...or not it's totally up to you! No matter how much I love you...and believe me I love you MORE than you know...I do have my limits on what I will do...and since I can't afford two huge Thanksgiving feasts, I am going to have Thanksgiving Dinner ON Thanksgiving with or without you. You are welcome to come over for leftovers, if there are any, if you want! :-))

I saw a quote on pintrest the other day that I totally agree with...and I think fits in here real well.  It said...

Family isn't always blood.
It's the people in your life
who WANT you in theirs;
The ones who ACCEPT
you for who you are.
The ones who would
do ANYTHING to see
you SMILE and who
LOVE YOU no matter what.

I am not perfect, but I'm doing the best that I can to love our family members, even the ones who don't seem to want to love us.  However, I'm also learning to let go, if a family member doesn't want to BE family, it's their loss, and God has his reasons for removing people from our lives one way or another.  I may cry about it at times, but I'm trying to move past the pain, and know that HE knows best.  I'm here if and when family cares to come back...but until then, I'm going to live my life the best that I can, and enjoy the family we do have that WANTS to be family, including those friends who are like family.

Most importantly, I have my husband, who is my BEST friend, and the most important family member in my life...and with him, I have all I REALLY need.

And with that rant...I'm turning this over to God. He gives me peace, even in troubled times and knows what is best. I love family, I really do...but sometimes I deserve a little more respect than I seem to get...least I think I do. LOL Sorry I made this so "public"...but then, not all that many people read it, and writing makes me feel that's what I did! :-))


  1. Hi, Girlie! You getting close to turning 50??? Ya' sound just like me!!! We've had a touch few months. But we're back on day shift, trying to get things squared. Dwayne's grandmother passed away. And they buried my uncle today. It's just been one thing after another. We keep putting one foot in front of the other. And we're not treadin' water, yet! lol Your fall season looks absolutely gorgeous! And I cannot wait to see the photos you get ON Thanksgiving Day!! ;) ;) ;)

    1. Ahh, so sorry for your losses Teresa, it does sound like you have had a hard last few months. I'm 43, so have a few years before I hit 50...although sometimes I feel like I'm there already! LOL Hang in there...things have to get better sometime! :-)) for the photos, hopefully I remember to take some, I was so busy last Thanksgiving Day, I forgot to! *giggle*


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