Friday, November 22, 2013

Love our friends!

I love our friends, they are special people...and the other day, a friend I've never been blessed to meet in person, but who keeps in touch from time to time online sent me a package with a handmade card and three post cards from the area they vacationed in this summer...or ummm...winter/early spring for them since she lives in Australia.

She made me feel so special that day I got them...I LOVE homemade cards and seeing scenes from Australia, one of the countries I always wanted to go visit. This special lady knows how much I love hearing from her and seeing the beauty of her country so sends me notes from time to time...both through e-mail and snail mail!

She also knows how much I LOVE the beauty of fall and Thanksgiving, so she has combined the two the last couple of years and sent me a Happy Thanksgiving card to enjoy!

She is so much better than I am at making cards, and I always enjoy seeing what she has done. She just got done with a project that a bunch of ladies were working on, and sent in 60 handmade cards to a hospital that will set them out so their patients and their families can take one to use however they want to. I thought that was a wonderful project, and between all the ladies they sent in close to 5000 cards! Wow! How special the people who are blessed with those cards will feel!

Anyway, I just wanted to share a photo of the cards she sent of the postcards had three scenes on had to tilt it to see the different ones, and since I'm easily entertained, it held my attention for quite some time, every time I pick it up I have to tilt it to see the different scenes.

Thanks so much Jenny!  I LOVE them!!

Another friend is due in here in a few more days to spend next week with us and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner...Peaches is looking forward to his visit, she got excited when I told her Kirk was coming next week, yesterday.  LOL  Yep...I'm mean, I should have waited till the day he was coming, but I slipped it in early.  *giggle*

AND...we just found out today that one of our new Amish friends and his family didn't have any plans for we invited them over to share our Dinner!!!  Not sure yet if they will, but it sounded promising!  We may actually have a FULL house this year, AND this will be the first Thanksgiving I've been to for a LONG time, with a Kiddy table (if they come) cool that will be!  LOL  I may not be hip on crowds most of the time, but I do love them on Thanksgiving, it makes me think more of my growing up Thanksgivings, which always had quite a few people around the table!

God IS very GOOD to us!  Some loved ones may not make it...but then a door opens and even more have the chance of walking through!  Thank you Yahweh!!!

Love our friends...thanks so much for being there for us ALL of you, those we have met, and those we haven't!  :-))

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