Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thanksgiving Prep is started and other rambles.

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Even though Thanksgiving is a week away, I've started getting ready for it. The turkey is thawing in the fridge, getting ready to slip it into a brine on thanksgiving list is sitting waiting...and today I got some dinner rolls made for the freezer.

The dinner rolls aren't my usual recipe, I found one I wanted to try as it was a no kneed one, and since I'm later this year getting them into the freezer, I thought I'd do this one since it sounded easier. I tried one of the rolls and it's ok, not as good as my usual (unless my taste buds were off today)...but will work. The rolls are always an after thought to me, as the other food is my hopefully no one will mind that these really aren't as good as they could be. (Not as much flavor to me...although DH had a taste and said they were fine, but he always says that! He will eat almost anything! LOL) I could have just bought some...but...I love baking, so wanted to make some if possible.

We haven't been swamped with deer so far...still hoping we get more so we have enough to last us, but God will provide us with whatever we REALLY need, so I'm trying to be patient.  Maybe he has other plans for us this year, who knows...or...he will swamp us at the end of the season.  LOL

Even though we've not had as many deer to do (so far) I've still had a pretty busy week, between running my SIL to some Dr appointments (since she is having eye problems and can't drive now) and trying to do some general cleaning and anything else I have found to do, I've been fairly busy.

It's been kinda of a dreary week it seems...some sun here or there, but not as much as would have been nice (which could have something to do with the lack of deer).

When it HAS been sunny, and I've been at my computer (which isn't often) Peaches has taken to wanting up on my desk, so she can lay in the small amount of space beside my computer in the sunbeam...where Belle can't torment her. LOL  I snapped a photo with my phone one day, and sent it to DH so he could see since he wasn't here.  I need to clean off my desk...but she doesn't seem to mind the mess.  LOL

DH said a couple of our cows look like they are starting to bag up...we've been expecting one of them to for a while now so glad she may finally be getting with the program, the other one seems to be early, but who maybe, we will have a calf or two in the next 2-3 weeks!  It's kinda hard to know exactly when they are due when they are with a bull and we don't SEE them we are just ball parking it this year and looking for the "signs" they are getting closer!  LOL

Can't WAIT to be back in milk...I don't use it lots for cooking but do some, and while our Amish neighbor's have been extremely nice about giving us some, I hate to keep asking for it when they have kids to feed it to.  I've gotten a quart here or there when I needed it...but it will just be so nice to be back to having our own!

Prayers for my sister-in-law and her health problems would I'm sure be appreciated, she is missing being able to get out on her own which I totally understand, even if I'm able to take her whenever she needs to go, it's got to be hard to loose that freedom of taking yourself wherever you want to go, whenever you want to.  I'm just Thankful I'm able to help most of the time!  It is nice to feel needed from time to time.  :-))

All in all, it's been a good week, even with being gone some and and having to many rainy dreary days.  Hope everyone is having a good hunting season if you hunt...and enjoying the week!

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