Friday, December 06, 2013

Another little Farm Baby!

Button and our beautiful new little Bull!

We started this week out by finding that Button had her baby during the night! It's a boy, and since he's a beauty (we LOVE all the white he has on him!!!) we kinda wished he had been a girl...but then DH said maybe we would keep him intact and make HIM be our herd sire when he gets we got more color in our herd that way. That sounded like a good idea to me, our newest little Bull! He doesn't have a name yet, but hopefully he will soon.

He is a cutie, and I just LOVE the white on him...kinda reminds me of Snowball, although she has a little more white on her I think. One of our Amish friends has been wanting to buy Snowball from us, cause he loves her coloring...he's really disappointed this new little bull isn't a girl cause he might have been able to buy either the new one or Snowball from us eventually if he had been. LOL

Button had a little boy too...and he is a beauty!  Love the white on him!  He just may be our new herd Sire!

It's nice to have two calves pretty much the same age, so they have someone their own size to play with.

This leaves two more cows to calve...Daisy is showing signs, but hasn't had her's yet. Snowball looks like she is going to have one (cause she is FAT!)...DH things she may be starting to bag up...but she may be another month or so away from having hers, we don't know. It will be her hopefully she does all right!

I'm hopeing Daisy has a boy...just cause I'd like to have two boys a year for our (and my parents) freezer...and if Snowball has a pretty little white spotted calf, it would be nice if it were a girl so we could sell it to Jerry...our Amish neighbor who wants some color in his herd! :-))

Needless to say...we will be happy with what we get, cause God knows best. It's just nice to have some farm babies around here again...and to know we will be back in milk soon...once the colostrum is gone and the milk is drinkable which should be the next day or two for Clover! Hopefully we get some cream too, not just skim milk like Daisy likes to give us when she has a calf! :-))

Hopefully I'll be able to share good news about another farm baby being born soon!  We will see how it goes!  :-))

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