Thursday, December 05, 2013

Thanksgiving Blessings

Beautiful color for Thanksgiving morning

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving was a WEEK ago! It's been a busy last couple much going on to keep us both just doesn't slow down here on this hillbilly farm! LOL  I wasn't able to get photos off my camera till tonight, as I've been trying to work on this computer...more on that another time.  *sigh*

Last Thursday...Thanksgiving...dawned with a beautiful line of color on the horizon. It wasn't real warm, so I didn't do more than open the door and snap a photo of it, especially since I needed to get busy...but I managed to capture it somewhat for future memories...even if it wasn't the "perfect" photo. LOL

Thanksgiving Dinner with family and friends

It was a GOOD day! We were blessed with family, friends...or ummm...friend...and TONS of food! I'm so happy with how the day went...and especially the little surprise we (well...Dad) found before Dinner!

Clover 2nd's a boy!

Clover had a baby boy! We were expecting Button to have a baby....figured she would be first...although Daisy was showing signs...but NO...Clover had to surprise us and slip in there in first place!

What a wonderful blessing...a Thanksgiving calf, and believe me, I'm extremely thankful to have him, as I anticipate my freezer being full in a couple years.  I'm sooo NOT vegan...if you couldn't tell before now!!

After the excitement of the calf died down a little, I...with Mom's help, managed to get dinner on the dressed up table (we used our good we usually do for Thanksgiving when everyone gets together) and I wasn't even all that late!  LOL

There was so much food though, we hardly made a dent in it at dinner I think...and before the weekend was over, the guys (hubby and his friend Kirk) was tired of leftovers even though everyone else took some home with them too...and even though I did make steak for dinner on Saturday night for a change of pace.  I didn't get tired of turkey...but strangely enough, I DID get tired of pie...I think we need to figure out how we can cut down on the number of pies we bake for Thanksgiving next year, without sacrificing the tradition of having several choices of pies.  Course...I may be the only one who thinks that, I don't know.  LOL

I do LOVE Thanksgiving and the tradition of a huge's the only time we go all out like this, and cook far to much food, not to mention using the good dishes.  It's hard work, and my feet (especially the one that's been giving me fits this year) were hurting, but it was so worth it! Spending that time with our loved ones even if I'm busy cooking is great!

All in all, last week was a great week...even if I did have computer problems.  Having Kirk (DH's friend from Nebraska) spend the week with us was wonderful and while they were busy during the day a lot (as was I) I got to enjoy their company in the evenings, as we talked, played games or watched a movie.

I was having a few troubles last in, doing strange, silly things but that's really nothing unusual and it gave us all some laughs so I guess it added to the fun...and kept the guys entertained.

I tried to start a food fight during lunch, the day Kirk left...I was dishing up some leftover fruit salad, and then went to put the bowl back on the table and dropped the bowl when it was an inch or so above the table. Even though it didn't fall far, the cream on the salad splattered all over Kirk's nice button down shirt, leaving little spots all over it.  *sigh*  Needless to say it was a little embarrassing, but kinda funny too and he laughed about I survived.  I just hope the "spots" came out of his shirt! Luckily he is nicer than I am and didn't toss food back at me!  *giggle*

I've noticed I can't seem to hold on to things real good hands are getting old I think. Least....I'll blame it on that!  LOL

Even with my silly blunders and computer problems I had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend...hope everyone else did too!  I am truly blessed!

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