Friday, December 13, 2013

Another Digital Scrapbook page!

A 2nd layout to test's not working perfectly, cause it hangs a little here or there...but it's not as bad as it was, and the mini bridge is working!  This is my little great-niece!  Kits from

I grabbed a photo of my cute little great niece last night, and scrapped a page for it. It didn't turn out as nice as I had hoped, but it takes me forever to figure out how to do a page anymore, so when I saw I was running out of time to work, I gave up trying to figure out what else I could put on the I'm not real good at clusters, so...the page isn't as interesting as it could be, but it's got her cute little chubby cheeks on there so it will do! LOL

Kit Credit: Baby Girl Heartstrings Kit, Template curled and folded #1 &Alpha pack 1.

I recolored the Alpha on this page by clipping a colored layer to the Alpha.  I think that is the BIGGEST reason I'd miss ps if it decides it doesn't want to work for me.  It is still showing thumbnails in the mini that's a biggie.  It seemed to hang now and then last night, when I was working but not so much it slowed me down LOTS, so...I'm still on the fence as to if it's going to work, but leaning towards the good side of it working.  LOL

This little sweetheart will be a year old at the end of the month!  My how time seems to fly!  It's hard to believe in some respects, but...then it was hard to believe her Mom was old enough to HAVE her, so...what can I say.  *giggle*

Anyway, gotta get off here...have things to do, that won't get done if I continue sitting here yacking with my fingers!  Hope everyone has a great weekend, stay safe out there if you have bad weather in your neck of the woods, we are just on the northern edge of the expected snow line here, and for that we are thankful!  Don't need to much bad weather, I worry about my niece having to travel so far in it to get to work and back (not that I know if she has to work today or this weekend, since we don't get to chat much)...not to mention us having to get out if the need arises, so I if I had any say in the mater I would prefer some snow, but not ice...or not so much snow we get snowed in!  LOL

I'm also hoping it really does warm up to above freezing like they say it should on Monday!  Gotta cow to butcher if all goes well since we didn't get it done this week!  ;-))

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