Monday, December 23, 2013

Slowing down

Making homemade Strawberry Jam!

Well, life seems to be slowing down a little bit finally...winter does that here on Hillbilly Hill Farm, for me makes outside things take longer for hubby, but thankfully I can usually stay inside where its warm.

 I even managed to make more strawberry jelly before I was totally out of it a couple weeks ago. I tried some with lower sugar and while it's not what I'm used too, think I may stick with it cause the regular one just uses WAY TO MUCH sugar! LOL

Winter seems to be a time when I don't have as much to blog about. It seems when I may have more to say I don't have time to say it, and when I have the time, there just isn't anything news worthy to write about. LOL Course to tell you the truth, I haven't really felt the need to write as much since we moved. Probably cause most of  our family who WANTS to really keep in touch, we live closer to, so we can SEE them...or they keep in touch over the phone and texting, so they know our news without sharing it on the blog. I doubt I'll totally STOP blogging, cause I really do like writing...even if it turns into one long boring ramble, but...I'm just not pushing to anymore as much, if you haven't noticed. LOL

I don't manage to take near as many photos anymore either. I'm not real good with inside ones...guess I should work on that, but just don't have the desire to. As for outside...well...I just haven't felt like spending lots of time outside like I should.

I've had some nagging health problems for years now, but the past 2-3 years they REALLY started making themselves felt,  and while I've been working on them, and the past two or three months like to think I've felt a little better *knock on wood*, I still have a ways to go. I'm just thankful for the slight relief I've felt! 

Praise God for REAL food...and the internet! I am not real good at ONLY having real traditional food that is nutritious , but having more than I used to is helping as are a couple (more natural) meds I've been taking I think (I'd probably do even better if I'd remember to take my meds like I SHOULD! *giggle*). The net has been a lifeline at learning how to cook the real food style!

Since we moved I've had trouble making myself walk around our property in the summer, cause of the poison ivy, which I got a BAD case of last summer...thought I would NEVER get rid of it, and thought it was going to take over my whole body there for a little bit. Thankfully God finally helped me figure out how to stop it from spreading, and get it so it could start healing. (Epson Salt worked burned like heck, but oh how I preferred the burn to the itch! Turmeric helped some too!)

Course my foot (plantar fasciitis) has kicked my behind this summer...making it hard to do much extra walking around's still giving me trouble so I have to work on THAT now too, on top of the other things. Running after the cows causes it to flair up, so I try to avoid that (*note to self...NO RUNNING)....bending in the garden, NOT good...just walking around on the uneven ground caused it to flare up when we did that for fun earlier this fall.

Needless to say, if it's not one thing its another...but I'm determined to outlive them, or die trying! LOL In the's slowed me down on my photo taking, which in turn slows me down on blogging, cause I don't think I have anything to share without my photos. LOL

So...if you've been wondering why I wasn't blogging as much, that's pretty much why! I may have slowed down some anyway, cause I am busier here in the summer, and why bother telling some things when I can tell them to the ones who want to hear it in person...but I'd still share more if I was able to get out and take photos more I think. Long walks are out at this point...but hopefully I can work back up to it, if my foot will stop it's silly flair ups...till then, I'll just have to enjoy having more free time to play in the kitchen (as long as my foot is letting me be ON it)!

I've already made a few new things since things slowed down for the winter...can't wait to do more! I'm Loving's my favorite way to save new recipe's to make at a later date, when I have time to try something new.  That way I can use my little tablet on the kitchen counter to view the recipe instead of printing it out...or taking up space with my laptop. If I'm surfing and find a recipe I just HAVE to try...I'll put it on pinterest so I can find it again when I want to play in the kitchen, it's been a great way to save some of the links I want to save, and be able to use them on more than one electronic device.  :-))

Hope everyone has a safe holiday, since we don't celebrate it, we won't be going anywhere, but know some of you will so safe travels!  Stay warm out there, it's gotten COLD here and looks like winter with 5 inches or so of snow on the ground now!

I'm off to do some more playing in the kitchen this week, and...if I get around to finding something to blog about I will.  If not...I'll catch ya when I catch ya!  :-))

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