Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's been a BERRY good year!

Our two cutie's!  They were laying in the sun by the front door and I had to snap their photo...the shadows kinda makes it hard to see everything good but they still look cute!

ROFL I couldn't resist that title to the post, because of all the wonderful berries we found to buy from the Amish around us this last spring. It really WAS a BERRY good year for berries! LOL

Wasn't to shabby for us in other ways too. Yes, there were trials...gotta have them, and tribulations....gotta have them too, but there were also good times and while our large family doesn't seem so large anymore, with so many holding grudges, that's ok too. God has his reasons for things happening, and I don't have the energy any more to worry about it so much. What will be will be.  I enjoy seeing family when they come around and thank God for those we have who are still a blessing in our lives.

Pearl enjoying the green grass!  Sunday Galen finally let the cows out into the pasture, so they could have some fresh green grass since the hay was almost gone...he put Pearl into the Orchard for a little while, to eat that down till she discovered she was alone...then had to move her over with the cows.  She is loving her green pasture now though!

Our animals are some of our best blessings and they have blessed us with good times again this year! Yes, we lost a few...sadly it was Autumn's year to go...but we gained some too.

While Belle, our newest doxie fur baby,  has been a little more of a challenge to train cause she likes to do her OWN thing, she has been a blessing too in her own way. It's been so good to see her and Peaches play together, since Peaches never was able to really play to much with Autumn...they tear around the house after each other having a ball at times, which in turn makes me laugh!

The cows have really been enjoyed, both for the milk, their meat, and their babies! Loving having a couple calves around to see them romping around the pasture again! Course Pearl (our horse) is always a pleasure to look at, she's so pretty and adds some interest to our menagerie.

Pretty June Sunset - I haven't been watching the sunsets as much as I usually do this time of year, but managed to catch one last night.

There are so many things we enjoyed this year! The beauty around us being one of them of course, both in the colorful sunrises and sunsets...

Autumn Color in Missouri.

...the beautiful fall color we get here in Missouri...

Summer Color - Loving the summer color right now, especially the tiger lilies along the back roads.  :-))

...and the oh so pretty wild flowers along the road sides here.

Uncle Mike holding Peaches and laughing after sticking his tongue out at me.  :-))

The time we spent with family, (Having my Aunt and Uncle stop in one afternoon when they were back in the states was wonderful! We haven't seen them all that much in the last few years, but sure enjoy them when we do, and it was so good to laugh with them and make more memories.)...

Praise God for this wonderful friend! - Galen's friend, Kirk, hard at work on the roof of the new shed.  He has been  a LOT of help to Galen on this shed.

...and friends, were of course the high light of our year. Having Galen's best friend spend a couple weeks with us...and not just cause one of those weeks he spent building Galen's shop...was great! We had some good times, laughing, playing games and just hanging out when they weren't off doing something on their own. The new friends we've made here have also added to our blessings for the year.

Peaches says

As much as I loved all of the above mentioned things, the BEST part of my year was spending it with that wonderful hubby of mine!  He lights up my life and is so understanding, I've never know anyone who understands me as well and is as accepting of my limitations.  That's not to say he ALWAYS understands why I do something...LOL...but he understands more than anyone else ever has.  I love being with him, and watching him with our animals, because he is so gentle and kind to them...kinda like how he is to me.  I am SOOOO BLESSED!!!! :-))

Strawberries! - We found where we can get strawberries that haven't had those nasty pesticides put on them so got some...and they had pie filling and canned strawberries for sale, so we bought a sample of them too!  Loving living by the Amish...we are finding more and more things to buy from them!!

All in all it really was a BERRY good year! Good friends, family, furry friends not to mention all the good eats we've been blessed with this year has really helped us settle in for our first full year back in Missouri.

 Here's hoping that 2014 is at LEAST as good! I'm sure looking forward to berry season again...between the berries and the peaches I'm longing for warm weather and fresh fruit! LOL

Hope everyone had a wonderful year...and will have an even better 2014!!

 Happy New Year!

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