Monday, January 13, 2014


Galen FINALLY got my new (OLD) sink installed with the help of a neighbor!!  LOVEING it!  :-))

I've only been waiting a year and a half for my favorite sink to be installed in my kitchen at our new farm. (Yes...that was sarcastic!)

 Hubby finally got tired of me nagging mentioning I'd like my sink, and asked one of our Amish neighbor's to help him install it, since obviously SOMEONE (who will remain nameless) wasn't going to find the time to help like he said he would. (I realize that this person is busy...but it's been a year and a half!)  This person actually had thought about doing it once, but it was just before Thanksgiving, and I nixed that idea cause if something went wrong I'd not have a sink, with a bunch of cooking needing to be done.  Course at the time I said it would be ok to put it off for a couple weeks...and here it is a month and a half later...but what else is new!  LOL

With it involving plumbing...and bending.....and twisting....and lifting of a heavy sink, DH didn't want to attempt it himself anymore.  Age is creeping up on us both I guess.  LOL  Anyway, thankfully we now live by some wonderful neighbors, so one of them came over to help him!!!

Praise God! I have my old fashioned sink installed at last!!!

I LOVE how much lighter it seems there by the sink, with the WHITE sink!  Never have been fond of a stainless steel sink, I like the white, but I didn't realize it had something to do with brightness, as to why I preferred white, now I think it could have something to do with it.

DH found some new baskets for the sink at our local plumbing place in town and even though they were on the expensive side he got a couple.  I'm so glad he did, cause they are so much nicer than what was on the other sink.  These you have to screw on to get them to stop up the sink, which is wonderful cause that way the baskets can be down in the sink, without stopping them from draining.  Seems like I always had to have the other ones out of the sink, if I wanted water to drain, which then lets more go down the sink, than should.  Course I haven't used them enough to know for sure I like them...but I'm pretty sure I will!  ;-))

Anyway, I'm pretty happy to have my sink FINALLY!!!  I sure missed those side boards, especially when making cheese and butchering.  Hopefully one of these days I can afford to replace the they all match, but....I can live with what I have for a while longer, especially now I have my sink!  :-))

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