Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Happy Birthday to the Love of my Life!

Galen with his free fried ice cream at his birthday dinner.

Just a quick note to wish that wonderful Man of mine a very Happy Birthday today!!

We went out to eat at one of his two favorite places in town yesterday (since he had to go to town and couldn't wait till today we had his birthday dinner a day early LOL), and since they found out it was his birthday, he got a free fried ice cream (it was much larger than we thought it would be too!) and had to wear their special birthday hat while he ate it.  *giggle*  I just snapped a few photos with my phone, since I didn't have my camera in there with me, and while they aren't perfect they will work.  :-))

I hope you have a wonderful day Galen! I am so lucky to be your wife and blessed beyond measure to share my life with you.

I LOVE YOU Dear!!!

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