Monday, January 27, 2014

It's about TIME!

Daisy FINALLY had her calf!  Another little boy.  So far, we've had all boys...guess God thinks we need the beef! (which is great!)  I wouldn't mind having a little girl out of Snowball though...if she ever decides to have HER calf.  I like the boys so we can fill our freezers in a couple years...but once we have enough of them, girls would be nice!  LOL

Daisy FINALLY decided to have her calf this weekend! Seems like she always holds onto her baby as long as possible...showing signs she is about to give birth, then NOT giving birth just to throw us off. LOL

I'm just glad she had it when she did...cause the NEXT night (last night) it got below 0 again!

She had another little that makes three boys this round...and means we now for sure have enough to keep us and my parents in meat in a couple years. Yippee!!

Now...we just have to wait and see when Snowball will decide to have hers.  Hopefully she has a little girl that looks a lot like she does, but if she has a boy we can handle that too!

Praise God for the future meat for our freezer...and another little cute farm baby to enjoy in the meantime.  :-))

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