Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pretty Boy

Button's boy...our new herd Sire...least when he grows up!  He's such a pretty boy!  LOL

This little calf is still so pretty! I call him pretty boy for now, cause DH hasn't come up with a good name for him yet, and that lets him know which one I'm talking about. LOL Hate to call him that forever, but...who knows, it may stick.

He is growing too, just not as big as Clovers boy is. His Mom was Button...the newest milk cow we have (not youngest, just newest to us). We didn't turn him into a steer, cause we love his coloring so want HIM to be our herd sire...instead of the one we had last year from Honey that DH calls Buddy. (Buddy is visiting the neighbors cows for I couldn't get a photo of him to share. LOL)

Button is a good Mom.  Love that she gave us such a pretty boy too!  :-))

Anyway, this little one is sure going to make a cute and pretty bull for our "girls" to my way of thinking...least he will in another year or so!  Can't wait to see HIS babies...and hopefully they will have a lot of white on THEM too!  :-))

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