Monday, February 10, 2014

And one to sell!

Snowball's first little's a girl!

We had another calf born this weekend! Snowball had her first little baby...and it's a girl!!  She seems to be a good mother too, as soon as it was born, she turned and started licking it.

It was born Saturday late afternoon, just before supper.  Snowball is a little on the small side still, but the baby wasn't to bad a size...almost looks bigger (or at least the same size) as Daisy's baby boy who was born a couple weeks ago.  We were hoping she would have a girl...and it would have a lot of white on it, like Mom does...but hey, least we got a girl, even if it doesn't have those cool white patches.

That makes 3 boys and 1 girl, so far, this round!  This will give us one we can sell now, once she is old enough to be weaned! I'm sure we should be able to find someone around here who wants a future family milk cow!  :-))

Love our cute little farm babies!

Now I better run, gotta get a few things done this morning before one of our nieces comes for a few hours!!!  It's just a short visit, but I'll take what I can get, cause I love seeing our nieces and nephews when I can...which isn't to often sadly.  LOL  This niece lives a couple hours away, so one would think we could see her more...but we don't make it to the city to often, and she can't get away to come here to we enjoy seeing each other when we can.  She is the closest niece (in distance AND emotionally) on hubby's side of the family...and the one we hear from the most from either side.  Love her dearly and can't wait to see her!

Love it when blessings seem to pour in...a new calf and a visit from a niece in just a matter of days!  Yippee!!  *grin*

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