Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Another blessing to come!

Shasta looks like she will be giving us a calf one of these days too.  She was bred a bit to young, but hopefully she will be ok.  Our neighbor says she should have it the middle of March...we will see how

It appears we STILL have another calf to come!

This is our little Shasta, she was our last gift from Daisy...before the little boy she had a couple weeks ago. She is a little young yet, to be this far along in a pregnancy, but...not being able to separate the bulls from our herd last year, we figured she might end up giving us a calf a bit sooner than we would like.

We've been wondering if she were with calf...I couldn't tell when I'd see her, but I'm not with her that much. Hubby was pretty sure though...but this weekend, when a neighbor was over, he said YES she was....and she should have her calf mid March. (How he could figure that, I have no idea...but we will see! LOL)

So....the wait begins again...when will our NEXT baby be born, and what will it be? If the hair on top her head isn't lying, DH figures it should be a girl.  The other calves were what they were suppose to be, from how the hair lay on top of their Mom's head...so who knows, maybe this one will be too, and we will get another girl!  Sure wouldn't mind having two to sell this year...but, sure don't mind having boys either, as they are nice to fill up our freezers (although frankly, I think we kinda have enough boys for this round for that purpose LOL).

Right now though, I would just like to know HOW our Amish neighbor's are able to say YES they are pregnant just by looking at them...and even better, how they can figure WHEN they are due, when we didn't see the cows bred or "feel" the calf?!!  That's a trick I'd love to learn!  LOL

A few months ago, another neighbor had told us that at least some of the other cows were for sure pregnant (and they weren't this far along...so not showing as much)...and he was right.  Wish they could teach ME that trick!  ;-))

Hopefully we can manage to have enough grass this summer for all our animals!  LOL  I'm thinking we need to get rid of a few...but yet, which do we sell...we love all our cows, and while Daisy is the oldest, so should probably be the first to go, she is MY favorite in some ways, so I hate to let go of her...besides I think she is our best milker so far which means more cream for butter and ghee.  Guess, if the time comes that we NEED to get rid one one or two, we will have to come to a decision...till then we will enjoy having them!

Can't wait to see if our neighbor was right though, on WHEN Shasta will be having her baby.  LOL  We will see what happens in the next month or so!  We sure have been blessed with a nice amount of farm babies this round...which we are extremely thankful for!  :-))


  1. Hold on to them as long as you can, prices for beef will go up if you get another male. Also female wise the market will not have a lot of female cows out there freely. Your local farmers will want her because they know where she comes from more. With the farmers in California having to thin their herds more than normal and Texas being hit with larger than average storms their cattle production is lower. Beef prices are outrageously high and will only get higher. You will find as the summer progresses if your land can feed the cattle you have safely you can sell off an extra male for a great price, or a female for her dairy. :) Congrats on all the wonderful babies!

    1. We are planning on keeping the boys...they are our meat for future years...God knows what we need, better than we do...so I'll just let him give us whatever! Can't help but want another girl out of Shasta, cause we know of a couple families now, who might want to buy a heifer from us....but if we get a boy, that's ok too. Least we will have the one to sell in a few months. :-))


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