Thursday, February 13, 2014

11 months later

Pearl's close up...she wouldn't stop walking towards me, so I could get a better photo.  LOL

Last weekend,  when I went to try and get a few photos of our newest farm baby, Pearl wouldn't leave me alone! LOL I had trouble getting a photo of her, cause she would come to close. Hubby finally had to stand by her and give her attention, so I could back up a little to get a little more of her in the photo.

Galen had to step in and give Pearl attention, so I could step back a little bit to get a little better photo of her.

We've had Pearl for almost 11 months now...hard to believe that a year ago she was still over at the neighboring farm, lonely, depressed, and kinda hungry. She has really filled out nicely in the last 11 months, and it almost looks like the color in her coat glows more...but that could be my imagination.  LOL She is MUCH happier now, with all her friends around. They may not be other horses, but hey, cows are better than nothing she says!

Galen had to step in and give Pearl attention, so I could step back a little bit to get a little better photo of her.

She still LOVES her carrots...and won't leave us alone if she thinks we might give her some. LOL  She still gets raw apple cider vinegar in her food, which has a lot of health benefits not to mention kelp...and will probably keep getting those extra goodies as long as she is ours, least as long as we can keep it around!  Our Cows get some too, when they are milked, because of the health we figured why not give them to Pearl, since she needed something extra to get her back into better condition...and since she has done so well on it, she should keep getting it to my way of thinking.  :-))

I guess when Snowball had her baby this weekend, Pearl was all excited (I was on the phone with one of our nieces so didn't go out...although did see a little of her running around at the end).  She stood and watched the birth, and when they moved the baby and Mom to the barn, she ran around a bit, excited about the new baby.  I'm thinking she wishes it were hers.  LOL

DH said the neighbor who came over to help in case we had to pull the calf, said we needed to get Pearl with another neighbor's stallion.  We are thinking about doing that this summer once the grass is we don't have to take hay over to feed her.  That way she can enjoy having a baby herself...and we can enjoy seeing a different kind of baby grow up!  Course not sure what we will do with the colt, once it's old enough to wean...cause it's not like we need another horse!  But...maybe one of the Amish would like it to train to be a buggy horse....we will see how things go, and figure things out when we have to.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share a few photos of Pearl, since she's been here 11 months now...and is looking much healthier...happier...and standing tall once again.


  1. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Poor Pearl.... Why the long face?!! :-) :-)


    1. Because I didn't have a carrot for her.......

    2. *giggle* Yep...most likely because she thinks she doesn't get enough carrots! ;-))


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