Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dog fence needed!

Belle sure likes sitting across's not unusual to find them in this position.

It's been so beautiful here the last day or two!  It's actually gotten up into the 50's...which is a NICE break from the frigid temps of this winter.  It's suppose to cool off again, and maybe even snow again tomorrow...but it's sure been nice to have a break from that cold weather!

I was even able to have the windows open...since the wood furnace was making it HOT in the house! Getting that fresh air in the house was wonderful!

The warmer temps, have given me a taste of what life will be like once spring shows up.  Belle, is going to be a major pain I think!  *giggle*

She WANTS to be outside, when it's nice...and without a fence, I don't just let her out and leave may have to get a temporary fence up for the dogs, so I can let them out and leave them there for a while each day...least Belle, cause Peaches doesn't like to be outside for long periods of time.

Till we can afford to get the porch done, that we plan on adding to the side of our house, for my freezer/pantry/coat rack space, we weren't planning on putting a dog door in the house, or a fence up...but since the porch keeps getting put off, and with Belle being young and loving the outdoors, we will have to do something!  Maybe we will have to break down and figure out a different place for a dog off the front porch, instead of the back one.  *sigh*

I think Belle would have a tendency to wander a bit more than Peaches letting her out to stay without a fence isn't something I'm willing to do.  I'd hate for her to get hurt or lost!

So...once spring gets here, we will have dog fence to work on...not just cow fence!  I think the dogs will enjoy being out more...and I'll sure like not having to LET them out all the time, if we actually put in a dog door!  :-))

Course...who knows WHEN (or if, LOL) spring will show up...I am SOOOO ready for it, although I do realize that it's ONLY  February yet.  *sigh*  Till it does, I guess I'll give Belle as much outside time as I can, and try to remember to check on her every little bit while she IS out there.  She won't know what to do with herself, if we do get a way for her to go out whenever she wants to...she's never known that!  :-))

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