Monday, March 03, 2014

Nap Time

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The above photo was taken with my hubbies phone...cause thats what was handy, so it's not real wonderful...but thats ok. LOL I just wanted to get a photo of hubby napping, with Peaches.

We've been busy at times....and not so busy at others the last couple weeks here. Nothing of major interest going on, least that I can share with I haven't blogged. That, and I've been kinda not spending all that much time with my camera anyway lately, or on the computer for that mater.

Winter is still hanging warmed up and the snow melted, but then we get another round of snow this weekend along with the well below 0 temps, that I'm SO TIRED OF!! Least we didn't get as much snow as they were calling for...for THAT I'm very Thankful!'s white outside again, and as pretty as that can be, I'm so ready for the white to be GONE....and hopefully start seeing Green taking over...soon! I sure won't hold my breath though, with how COLD this winter has been. My luck winter will hang on forever. LOL

Spring can't come soon enough!  This winter sure has brought to mind a photo I saw one time of a mini snowman laying on a deck, with a knife plunged into it and the words DIE, WINTER, DIE! on the photo!  I'm feeling kinda like I need to do and say THAT myself this year!  *giggle*

Oh to see the beautiful green of spring again! Hear the frogs singing their spring song...feel the warm sun on my skin, not to mention smelling the earth as it warms up releasing it's earthy aroma.

Yep...I'm sure ready for spring...and feel like taking a nap until it finally arrives because I'm so tired of my world being blanketed in white and everything frozen with the extreme cold temps.  

If ONLY winter would DIE!!!

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