Monday, March 10, 2014

Quick update

Good-Bye Clover!  We finally decided we needed to get rid of one of our milk cows (since if we had kept all of them we would soon have had 5 in milk...which is more than we really need) and since Clover was irritating Galen and was harder for him to milk, we decided she was the one to go, even though she was our first heifer we raised.

It's warmed up a little here...this photo shows the snow we had on the ground last week, but it's gone now and we are enjoying a couple really beautiful days in the 60's!!!!! Gotta like THAT! LOL

I took the above photo kind of as a good-bye photo for Clover, since I didn't get out and get one of HER before she was loaded in the trailer. We finally decided it was time to thin out our herd of milk cows...once Shasta has her baby (which should be any day now...she has lots of signs, but is taking her time pushing out that calf LOL) we would have 5 cows in milk, had we kept all of them, and that's a bit more than we really need...especially once spring hits and the milk production goes up...not to mention once all the calves are weaned.

Clover and her new baby boy!  What a great Thanksgiving Blessing! of last week, since her baby was old enough to wean, Clover (shown above) is no longer our cow. She went to one of our neighbors though, so we can see her if we want. She is even close enough she can hear her calf bawling, looking for Mom...which I'm sure is not real fun for her.  LOL

We seriously considered getting rid of Daisy, since she is our oldest...but she is MY cow....and I was still having trouble with that idea, so we kept her.  Once we know Shasta is giving lots of milk, we may think about getting rid of Daisy (since I think she is about 10 years old) but that will wait a bit longer...maybe even another year or so, depending.  I think three cows would be enough to keep us in butter...but...since two of them are first time milkers, they won't be giving quite as much this year I don't think, so I'm not sure if I'm ready to get rid of Daisy till they are a little more "experienced".

Daisy is our only nurse cow...which is another reason I hate to get rid of her...but hopefully once we do, if we NEED a nurse cow, one of the others will step up to the plate.  DH said Shasta (Daisy's daughter) has a lot of Daisy in who knows, she may turn out to be a nurse cow too, like her Mom.  I"m claiming Shasta as MINE too, since she is Daisy's baby...and her replacement.  LOL

So anyway, that's the biggest news around this hillbilly farm.  Still waiting on our last calf of the season...which should be here any hour now from the signs she is giving!'s not the middle of March yet, so...she still has time according to our neighbor's estimate last month.  ;-))

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