Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pretty Girl

Belle is going to be a PRETTY girl!

I snapped a couple of photos of Belle the other day with my cell phone, while she was on my lap. She is really turning into a pretty little doxie! Peaches is our little cutie, and I always thought Autumn was more pretty than cute, and it appears that Belle will take her place in that regard too.

Love seeing our fur babies grow up...yes I wish that really cute puppy stage would last a bit longer...but seeing what they become is exciting too!

Belle has been a little trouble maker from day one I think...she causes trouble, IS trouble and sometimes I think she just plain LOVES trouble.  LOL  She is really stubborn but slowly her good side is emerging...oh so slowly, but it does show up from time to time.

She really makes me wish we had a dog fence (and door) cause she loves to spend time outside when it's not to cold, and I just don't have the time to watch her...which means she doesn't get to spend near enough time out doors.  Poor baby!  LOL

Belle is sure turning into a pretty girl!

She LOVES to play with her big sister, who gets tired of her at times but tolerates her quite well.  She still loves to chew on things...although...I like to imagine she isn't quite as bad as she used to be... but sadly I'm not sure if that's just wishful thinking or is really true.  LOL

Belle has grown a lot, she is now a little taller than her sister...although still has that adolescent body, that needs filled out.  She can actually hop up onto our bed, which none of the other dachshunds have been able to do in the past.  Course she cheats, by first jumping onto the cedar chest that is at the foot of the bed...before we moved we didn't have it there, so the others didn't have a chance to learn to do that while they were young and limber.

Our bed is really high, which is why the dogs haven't been able to get onto it before now.  Not sure what we will do when we stop locking Belle in a little nest we've created beside the bed...cause I really don't like sleeping with our dogs, and if she can get up there on her own, not sure how we will prevent it.  It will be a while before we have to worry about it I think, (she will have to stop chewing so much first!) but I've kinda been wondering what we can do to stop her from insisting on sleeping with us should she decide to once she has free roam of the bedroom at night.  LOL  Oh well, when the time comes we will see how it goes.

Belle still gets kinda scared when she hears Yani or Peaches barking, and comes running to me wanting picked up.  She also hates it when I run my wheat grinder...the loud noise must scare her or something, cause she starts barking and wants held then too...she did that the other day with the food processor at first too.  I think any loud appliance she isn't used to may do that till she figures out it's not going to hurt her or me.  It's funny though to watch her bark at the noise and touching that she trusts me to protect her.

She was also scared the other day when the Amish ladies came over to watch me make cheese.  I think it was the kids that came with them...she isn't used to kids and how quickly they move.  She was shaking and wanting held, so I actually locked her and Peaches (cause Peaches wouldn't shut up) IN the living room for a change, instead of locking them out of it!  LOL  Belle was ever so glad to see them leave I think.  Poor baby, she is braver in some respects than Peaches...yet not in others.  *giggle*

If I'm sitting at my computer, Belle LOVES to sit in my arms, or right in front of me on my desk.  She has never tried to chew on my fingers she usually does any other time I'm holding her.  It's like she knows that's a time for her to behave, or I'll make her get down.  LOL

Anyway, that's the update on how Belle is growing and changing.  Still full of trouble, but with flashes of sweetness now and then that gives me hope she will eventually learn to behave most of the time!  LOL  Gotta love her though...even if she is full of "trouble".  :-))

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