Saturday, January 18, 2014

God's paint brush

Love the color God sometimes paints in the sky at Sunset!

I happened to glance out the window the other evening, and saw God had been busy with his paint brush again, creating a beautiful Sunset for us to enjoy!

 Love seeing the fiery Sunset through the tree branches in the winter.  While this sunset didn't have clouds making it more interesting, the tree branches did it enough for my enjoyment!

God sure does make the BEST "paintings"!  :-))

Another week got away from me...we drove to Iowa yesterday, cause hubby finally figured out what he wanted for his birthday (which is next week) that pretty much did in yesterday...and Thursday I kinda was lazy, in between washing clothes so didn't get much done that day either (besides laundry).  LOL  Gotta love winter cause there are actually days I can tell myself it's ok to be lazy!  ;-))

It's suppose to actually be 50 tomorrow...sure hoping it's sunny and not windy, so that 50 actually FEELS as good as it sounds!  If it does, I hope to spend a little time outside...depending on how my foot feels.  I could use a little sun and fresh air and I'm sure our doxie's would love to join me!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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