Sunday, January 19, 2014

Twenty Years

Uncle Orison

Just a short post today, to acknowledge this special Man I was blessed to know for the first (almost) 24 years of my life. It's been 20 years tonight, since he left us and while the pain isn't as sharp, there is STILL a hole in our lives that he once filled.

Over the years, we've often wondered what he would think about certain things. We still think of him often, usually with a smile on our face now, instead of tears but it still makes us sad he is gone.

The last few years, I've not always remembered that it was the day of his death, till the day after he died, but for some reason, he's been on my mind more again this I just had to acknowledge him again. He's been in my dreams more lately, than he has been in a long time, which keeps him on my mind when I wake.

You are STILL loved and missed Uncle Orison!  I am so thankful for the wonderful memories you gave us! I am also thankful I could call myself your niece!

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